There are many benefits of being a member of the AEAWA.

AEAWA/BankVic Salary Continuance Policy

About the Policy

The AEAWA and BankVic have developed a Salary Continuance Policy for ALL members. Please visit the BankVic website to view and assess the continuance documentation to see if this benefit is good for you. Transport Officers and Communications Officers already have access to a Salary Continuance Policy currently through the organisation, however this BankVic policy is different, so please see if it is beneficial your your circumstances.

Click here to view the Policy.

Why should I review this Policy?

The Policy offers you up to 90% of your income; paid over a 2-year period if needed. You will be covered 24/7 worldwide. The Policy also pays a $7,500 funeral benefit and covers you for rehabilitation costs to return to work along with HIV/Hepatitis B and C benefits. Click here to view the Policy.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

About the Policy

Professional Indemnity Insurance is cover for liabilities that result from professional malpractice or negligence. It can provide cover for legal costs and damages resulting from allegations of acts, errors, or omissions. The AEAWA now offer this insurance to all our members. If you have any questions relating to this cover please contact an AEA representative or email the committee. The full disclosed insurance document can be emailed to members on request. If you are a current AEAWA member you are covered for this policy for indemnity of up to $20 million dollars. Email the AEAWA for further information if you require it. 

Why should I review this Policy?

In order to maintain your AHPRA registration you will need PII. If you are a current AEAWA member you automatically receive this great benefit. If you require information regarding this policy, please email the AEAWA.

Journey Cover Insurance

About the Policy

The AEAWA is proud to be able to provide Members with Journey Cover Insurance (JCI) as part of the suite of member benefits we now offer as the AEAWA. JCI insures you for loss or damage incurred when you are travelling directly to and from work and where no cover is provided by Workers Compensation or the ICWA. The policy covers you 7 days a week, 365 days of the Year, up until the age of 70 whilst still employed. If you have any questions relating to this cover please contact an AEA representative or email the committee. You can contact the AEAWA for further questions related to this Policy.

Why should I review this Policy?

This policy will ensure your income does not suddenly stop because you are injured on the way to or from work. It will assist with the ongoing expenses like mortgage and loan repayments if you are not receiving an income due to your injury.

Bereavement Cover

About the Policy

This cover will be automatically added to the list of benefits that you currently enjoy as part of your AEAWA membership. There is no added cost for this cover. Click here to access the Bereavement Cover form.

Why should I review this Policy?

The AEAWA have launched this new policy for members. Please view the policy and contact the committee with your details along with the details of your nominee. This is a great member benefit and will pay $5,000 to assist with funeral costs, loan repayments, mortgage repayments etc in the unfortunate event of the death of a member.

The AEAWA also provide the following.

Provide you with 24/7 assistance

The AEAWA does not just operate during office hours, as your delegates are working alongside you; and not in an office Monday to Friday.

Excellent workplace representation

The AEA have a well-versed and experienced team who assist members in relation to any issue arising within the workplace. Fair Work Commission hearings and WorkSafe WA meetings, issues with pay, rostering, disciplinary matters, clinical investigations, or any other work related matter or concern can be assisted with by an experienced representative.

An experienced negotiating committee

The current bargaining committee have extensive knowledge and experience in negotiation certified agreements. You can rest assure the AEAWA will do everything they can to get our members the best possible outcome for negotiations.

The Association the profession wants

The majority of the service is with us; its time you were. Make the change to a body that only works for ambulance personnel.