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'The AEA is a non-for profit organisation which was formed in 2015 when a group of Paramedics, Ambulance Officers, Transport Officers and Communications Center staff decided to look at forming an association that would be specifically dedicated to looking after and representing the interests of Paramedics/Ambulance Officers, Transport Officers and Communications Center staff'.

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17 May 2024 in Call Centre News, Medic News, News, Paramedic News, Transport

A positive outcome from the AEAWA uniform survey

Members, You will have received an email from Chief Emergency Officer Brendon Brodie-Hall today outlining several improvements to the new Operational Uniform. These changes closely reflect the AEAWA survey results, which formed the basis of the AEAWA’s recent letter to St John. Over 700 of our members participated in the…
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16 May 2024 in News, Paramedic News

SOPR-1004 – Driving Procedures and Standards (Emergency)

Members, You would have received an email today from the Chief Emergency Officer titled ‘Operational and Safety Improvement Update’ announcing the introduction of two new SOPs related to Driving Procedures and Standards. It is important to note that while St John did consult with employee representative groups, our feedback on…
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