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The Police Directive to refuse ambulance assistance.

WA Police Commissioner is now refusing to send Police to aggressive scenes to assist ambulance personnel.

The AEAWA directive to all members.

If you arrive at a scene, and you perceive a threat, CALL FOR POLICE. Thats your job done! It is NOT OUR JOB to enter scenes such as these. Its theirs; if they don’t not want to attend, then we do not go in. ITS THAT SIMPLE!
Officers who feel pressured to enter a scene they perceive is dangerous SHOULD NOT GO INTO IT!

Directive for non-police attendance now roles out to country areas

Multiple country locations are now listed where police will not attend dangerous scenes to protect us.

AEAWA correspondence to the WA Minster of Police

Hon. Paul Papalia CSC, MLA Minister for Police; Corrective Services; Racing and Gaming; Defence Industry; Veterans Issues has received a letter from the AEAWA on behalf of the membership.

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'The AEA is a non-for profit organisation which was formed in 2015 when a group of Paramedics, Ambulance Officers, Transport Officers and Communications Center staff decided to look at forming an association that would be specifically dedicated to looking after and representing the interests of Paramedics/Ambulance Officers, Transport Officers and Communications Center staff'.

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Fair Work Dispute Outcome: Shift Commencement Allowance (SCA)

Members, The executive are pleased to announce the outcome of a formal dispute process the AEAWA initiated in relation to the Shift Commencement Allowance (SCA). TLDR: Please be advised that the SCA will now be payable to ALL Paramedic / AO employees who accept and deploy to a call not…
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WAPOL Refusal to Attend Calls

As you will be aware a recent WAPOL directive has been sent out to the fleet stating they will not be attending many of our historic calls for assistance. Over half of the warnings, we had on our system have now been deleted. So, we now have instances where patients…
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