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The History of the Association

The Ambulance Employees Association of Western Australia

The AEA is a non-for profit organisation which was formed in 2015 when a group of Paramedics, Ambulance Officers, Transport Officers and Communications Centre staff decided to look at forming an association that would be specifically dedicated to looking after and representing the interests of Paramedics/Ambulance Officers, Transport Officers and Communications Centre staff. Other states such as NSW and South Australia who believed their best interests were not represented by the alternate group at that time.

This follows on from South Australia when a group of Ambulance Officers decided in the best interests of Ambulance employees to break away from the Union covering them which was the Australian Government Workers Union which later became the Miscellaneous Workers Union (MWU) and then ALHMWU (Australian Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Workers Union), and now is known as United Voice (UV), to create their own ambulance specific association. The AEASA was formed the same way: that is breaking away from the MWU. The MWU is, as its name suggests, a large union covering a range of workers and industries of which the Ambulance Service formed a very small part.

For this reason Ambo’s felt they were not getting the service they needed and there were many significant issues to be confronted. For instance, the equality and transparency for all employees. Specific emergency and essential services industries such as Police, Fire Service, Nurses, and Doctors have their own association to best represent their interests rather than a political based organisation representing all and sundry. Many of the conditions you currently enjoy were in fact negotiated by the members of the AEA who have many years of experience in negotiating and representing members. Many of these issues date back many years and the historical rational and knowledge is held by members of the AEA. We intervene daily on behalf of individuals, groups and our membership as a whole. There is still plenty of work to do.

The Ambulance Service would not be as it is today if not for the struggles of the officers and those that have joined the AEA and its membership – The AEA of WA is quite unique in Australia. It is a small group at this stage but can only grow from here. We have the expertise as front line officers to drive the things that affect Ambulance workers rather than a group politically aligned and driven. As good as things are, there is always room for improvement – with the support of our dedicated colleagues and members the AEA will continue to create those improvements.

If you would like to see positive changes for your workplace then be a part of the AEAWA Committee.

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