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Join the AEAWA

The AEAWA are now offering membership to employees working under industrial contracts.

If you are an Industrial Paramedic, Industrial Medic, Site Paramedic/Medic, Emergency Services Officer, Medical Emergency Services Officer, working as part of an Emergency Response Team, Transport Officer or a Communications Officer working within Western Australia, the AEA are there to assist.

For $20 per fortnight the AEAWA will provide you with free Professional Indemnity Insurance, free Journey Cover, free ShopRite access saving you thousands of dollars per year, and free organisational support.

To Join please go to and select ‘Industrial’ in the drop down menu. We will then send you the below banking details to set up your fortnightly fees.

Account Name: AEAWA
BSB: 016 338
Account Number: 659 814 416

Please provide your name on your fortnightly payments.

The AEAWA Industrial Committee

Lee Waller 0417 995 135
[email protected]

John Thomas 0411 129 797
[email protected]

Vice President
Mike Hardwick 0417 983 140
[email protected]


Industrial Minutes

AEAWA Industrial Committee Meeting Minutes from July 10th 2024

Meeting Chaired By
Lee Waller.

Meeting Conducted
12:30 – 13:30.

Committee Attendee’s
John Thomas, Mike Hardwick, Lee Waller, Callan McClure, Dave Higgins, Conrad Fairhead, Andrew Kerfoot, Lindsey MacDougall, Dave Bryant, Rick Candy, Chris Smith, and Aaron Pittaway.

Committee Apologies
Shane Gray, Paul Davies and Jesse George.

Previous Minutes Accepted By
This was the first meeting of the AEAWA Industrial Committee.

Meeting Agenda
This Special Meeting was scheduled due to multiple emails and calls received from Industrial Paramedics, Industrial Medics, Site Paramedics/Medics, Emergency Services Officers, Medical Emergency Services Officers, various others working as part of an Emergency Response Team and Communications Officers throughout the WA Industrial field.

These employees have expressed a significant desire to join the AEAWA. In essence, these employees have asked if they would receive a discount for their Professional Indemnity Insurance, required by AHPRA, and being able to access ShopRite for member discounts.

Various discussions took place regarding the potentiality of industrial employees joining the Association.

Can they Join they AEAWA?
In short yes, the can. At a previous AEAWA Annual General Meeting, the membership was asked if the Committee explored the option to expand into other areas, and other Ambulance Services, could we as a committee, get that approved. The membership voted in favor for that to occur.

What does the Association need to do to make this happen?
As the membership have voted for this expansion, the committee would need to do the following.
1. Open another bank account for membership payments to be separate from St John WA member payments.
2. Design advertising (flyers etc) to get the word out to all those working in the Industrial arena.
3. Add an area to the AEAWA database so they may join.
4. Add an Industrial tab to the AEAWA website.
5. Develop an Industrial portfolio and assign that to an AEAWA Executive member. At this meeting it was voted AEA Secretary Lee Waller would be appointed into this position.
6. Advertise for office staff to assist in this extra workload.

What benefits can these members access?
Currently members within St John WA have access to the following benefits.
• ShopRite
• Professional Indemnity Insurance
• Journey Cover
• Salary Continuance
• Organisational Support through [email protected]

The only identified issue was the Salary Continuance due to the fact that the AEAWA had 1,300 members under one employer (St John WA). This was the reason the costings for this benefit was able to be achieved.

It would be unlikely the AEAWA would receive these numbers from a singular organisation, to be able to supply that benefit to its Industrial membership. That being said, this benefit will always be reviewed at any upcoming meeting, in case circumstances change.

All other benefits, Industrial Members would receive, the AEAWA would just set up a different email account through the server for these members – [email protected]

Could the AEAWA take on Industrial Delegates from these locations?
Yes, that actually would assist greatly. Delegates are working in those various, specific environments. They understand the issues, and how things could change to make workplace improvements.

Any Industrial member will have the choice to become a delegate.

Meeting Concluded

Industrial Surveys

Industrial Correspondence

Industrial Bulletins

Bulletins are urgent matters relating to your workplace. Please review regularly to stay informed.


Does the AEAWA cover my AHPRA registration?

Yes, as a financial member of the AEAWA (the fortnightly fees you pay the Association), your AHPRA registration fees are paid in full.

I have been audited by AHPRA for my professional Indemnity Insurance.

AHPRA will periodically audit you as a Paramedic to ensure you meet the requirements for registration and that you are covered under a Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy. This is the box you tick each year when re-registering to work as a Paramedic. The AEAWA have been in constant contact with AHPRA and can assist you with this process, now we have streamlined the paperwork.

If you have been audited you will need to find your AHPRA Paramedic Registration Number which will look something like this PARA0001107777. Email [email protected] and please place in the subject line AHPRA Audit and your Registration number, as we may receive up to 80 of these requests a week and this makes it easier to track.

Once received you will be emailed the approved AHPRA/AEAWA template signed on your behalf by the AEAWA Secretary to certify to AHPRA that you have Professional Indemnity Insurance through your AEAWA membership, which in turn will satisfy the insurance component of your registration .

Any further questions or issues you have with AHPRA please contact the AEAWA or one of our Delegates.


I need help or advice from the AEAWA, what do I do?

If the matter is urgent, contact a delegate from the AEAWA website If the matter is non-urgent, or you have a general enquiry, suggestion or feedback, please email [email protected]. We try to respond to all emails within 24 hours.

I have been asked to attend a meeting, what should I do?

You should contact the AEAWA through [email protected], as soon as you suspect there might be a problem with your employment or disciplinary action may be taken against you. The AEAWA will not take any action without your authorisation. If you are called to attend a meeting, you can request to be provided with an agenda to assist with your preparation.

If you are provided with detailed information/allegations prior to the meeting, we can prepare for the meeting. Make sure you seek the AEAWA’s industrial advice before submitting any written materials. As an AEAWA member we encourage you to take a delegate with you to the meeting.

What should I know about the meeting, before I attend?

You should be informed:

  • what the meeting is about?
  • who will be at the meeting?
  • where and when the meeting will be held?
  • whether there are any documents relevant to the matters to be discussed at the meeting. If so, you should request a copy of those documents.

You can request that this information is provided to you in writing. If the meeting is part of an investigation (especially if you are the subject of the investigation), you can also request:

  • the terms of reference for the investigation, including information about the investigator’s role
  • a copy of the policies and guidelines to be followed in conducting the investigation
  • a copy of the policies and guidelines alleged to have been breached.

I need help or advice from the AEAWA, what do I do?

If the matter is urgent, contact a delegate from the AEAWA website If the matter is non-urgent, or you have a general enquiry, suggestion or feedback, please email [email protected]. We try to respond to all emails within 24 hours.

I have been asked to attend a meeting with very little warning (immediately or within the next hour or so)

If the matter is urgent, contact a delegate from the AEAWA website If the matter is non-urgent, or you have a general enquiry, suggestion or feedback, please email [email protected]. We try to respond to all emails within 24 hours.

I have another question not covered here!

Please contact an AEAWA delegate for more information, or email [email protected].

The AEAWA Member Benefits.

As the AEAWA is the fasted growing Ambulance Employee Association in Australasia there are great benefits available to all our members, some of which can be seen below.

ShopRite Access

ShopRite is a member benefit that can save you thousands of dollars on purchases per year.

Journey Cover

As a member the AEAWA provide free cover for you traveling to and from work

Professional Indemnity Insurance

AEAWA members are provided free Insurance to satisfy your AHPRA Registration.

Workplace Support

All AEAWA members have access to support through your delegates and email ([email protected]).

More Benefits

AEAWA members can also access discounts within the retail and health sectors. The Association has been in contact with numerous businesses and organisations in order to pass on some great discounts to our members. As these organisations come on board the Association will list them here for the membership.

Financial Benefits and Discounts

Loan Monster Mortgage Broker

Looking to refinance? Want to buy your first home, a new family home or even an investment? ‘At Loan Monster, we’re always looking out for you specialising in Emergency Services. No worries. Just sit back, relax and let us take care of it all for you. Please mention you are a member of the AEAWA when accessing the services.

For a no obligation review contact Andrew on 0411 418 101 or drop him a line at [email protected]

You can also access the business website here


Allpro Plumbing WA

ALLPRO specialise in general & commercial plumbing services with years of experience across the Perth Metro area & surrounds. They offer obligation free quotes and a friendly professional 24 hour service! They are also offering a 10% discount to all AEAWA members.

To contact Allpro call 0433 537 374 or email [email protected].

Sporting Discounts

Inter Sports – Armando Sports

AEAWA members receive a 10% discount on all purchases at the below listed outlets.

289 Stock Road O’Connor WA 6163 (Ph 9331 8992 or [email protected]) or Cnr High Road & Augusta Street Willetton WA 6155 (Ph 9259 0791 or [email protected]). The Armandosports website can be viewed here.

Industrial News

News articles and media reports relating to your employment will be situated here. If you find articles you think should go up here please email the link to the committee ([email protected]).

If you would like to see positive changes for all Industrial personnel then be a part of the AEAWA Committee.

Contact us at [email protected] and become an AEA Industrial Committee Member.