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AHPRA Audits

Has AHPRA contacted you to audit your Paramedic Registration?

AHPRA will periodically audit you as a Paramedic to ensure you meet the requirements for registration and that you are covered under a Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy. This is the box you tick each year when re-registering to work as a Paramedic. The AEAWA have been in constant contact with AHPRA and can assist you with this process, now we have streamlined the paperwork.

If you have been audited you will need to find your AHPRA Paramedic Registration Number which will look something like this PARA0001107777. Email [email protected] and please place in the subject line AHPRA Audit and your Registration number, as we may receive up to 80 of these requests a week and this makes it easier to track.

Once received you will be emailed the approved AHPRA/AEAWA template signed on your behalf by the AEAWA Secretary to certify to AHPRA that you have Professional Indemnity Insurance through your AEAWA membership, which in turn will satisfy the insurance component of your registration .

Any further questions or issues you have with AHPRA please contact the AEAWA or one of our Delegates.

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