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The 2020 Communications Officers EBA Negotiations Team

John Thomas – AEAWA President

Donelle Carver – AEAWA Vice President

Lee Waller – AEAWA Secretary

Troy Bates – AEAWA SOC Delegate

Justin Brennan- AEAWA SOC Delegate

Sue Kernaghan – AEAWA SOC Delegate

Kam Phagura – AEAWA SOC Delegate


There were no proxies for the SOC EBA negotiations

The SOC EBA negotiations commenced July 1

The AEAWA committee negotiated the Agreement on behalf of the membership.

Standing together through the negotiations

As a collective entity the AEAWA urges all members to stand together and view the information located here.

Keep up to date

All members should regularly check their emails, the AEAWA website and AEAWA FaceBook page for current information relating to the EBA

Actions to be undertaken

There are no current actions

Communications Officers 2020 EBA Information

16th June, 2020

To view the AEAWA Communications Officers Log of Claims click here.

4th November 2020, AEAWA Communications Officers EBA Update

We are pleased to announce the following results of the Communications Officers EBA vote.
1. 54 votes cast;
2. 92.59% of employees voted ‘Yes’ supporting the agreement;
3. 7.41.% of employees voted ‘No’ opposing the agreement.

SJA now have 14 days to lodge the Agreement and associated forms with the Fair Work Commission.

The Agreement will take effect 7 days after it is approved by the Fair Work Commission, this can take several months. We will keep all parties updated as it progresses.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact a delegate.

Kind regards,
AEAWA Negotiation Team

7th August 2020, SJA Communications Officer Final Offer

To view SJA’s final offer for the communications Officers EBA, click here.