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The AEAWA Ambulance Officer/Paramedic 2024-2027 Log of Claims

Your Log of Claims can be seen here once completed.

The 2024-2027 Paramedics/Ambulance Officers EBA Negotiations Team

Negotiating Committee  

John Thomas – AEAWA President

Mike Hardwick – AEAWA Vice President

Lee Waller – AEAWA Secretary

Dave Higgins – AEAWA Executive

Gary Davies – AEAWA County (North) Delegate

Dave Bryant – AEAWA Country (South) Delegate



Shannon Bradley – AEAWA County Delegate

Callan McClure – AEAWA Treasurer


Subject Matter Experts

Conrad Fairhead – PSO Delegate

Paul Davies – CCP Delegate

Kirsty Roberts – ECP Delegate

Rick Candy – OH & S Delegate

Paramedic EBA negotiations TBA

Your AEAWA committee is well versed in industrial negotiations and have a strong and set mandate from the membership.

Standing together through the negotiations

As a collective entity the AEAWA urges all members to stand together and view the information that will be located here. This will be a big EBA and your committee is more than up for the challenge.

Keep up to date

All members should regularly check their emails, the AEAWA website and AEAWA FaceBook page for current information relating to the EBA

Actions to be undertaken

There are no current actions

Paramedics/Ambulance Officers 2024-2027 EBA Information

17th March, 2024 - The Combined Log of Claims (will be listed here)

To view the Combined Log of Claims once available, click here.

12th March, 2024 - The St John Log of Claims

To view the St John Log of Claims, when available, click here.

The AEAWA Paramedics/Ambulance Officers 2024-2027 Log of Claims (will be listed here)

Click here to view the AEAWA Log of Claims for the 2024-2026 Paramedics/Ambulance Officers EBA Negotiations, once available.

The AEAWA Paramedics/Ambulance Officers 2024-2027 Survey

Survey Status – Closed
Survey Data Collected – 30/12/2023- 13/01/2024
Number of Participants – 710
Survey Results – Click here when available