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2023 AEAWA Minutes

2023 AEAWA Minutes

Fatigue Management Meeting Minutes from October 25th, 2023

Meeting Conducted
12:30 – 14:30.

St John Attendee’s
Scott Higgins, Wil White, Drew Mckibbin and Katie Tran.

Committee Attendee’s
John Thomas and Lee Waller

Committee Apologies
Mike Hardwick, Jesse George, Conrad Fairhead, Callan McClure, and Tania Hill.

Previous Minutes Accepted By
There were no previous minutes to accept and move.

Opening St John Statement
The run through of the agenda and the terms of reference occurred. The aim of the committee is to review each item. This is a subcommittee of the overarching safety committee that for now will be tasked with three specific objectives.

1. Violence and Aggression
2. Manual tasks
3. Fatigue management

The discussions from this committee will lead into policy change with the aim of utilising the safety committee for oversight and approvals.

St John stated that there is a lack of ownership and accountability with a lot of these issues. The objectives are to provide ownership to follow up.

St John believe if issues are identified then this is the forum to recommend change in the form of policy development. The committee will be able to review and identify themes and trends. There will be at least six meetings per year for the committee.

Training initiatives will also be discussed. There will also be independent meetings held across the organisation, Staff can discuss issues with no managers in the room, there will be 20 meetings a year and it is voluntarily to attend.

The AEAWA would like to see the recommendations passed into change, so these efforts are worth it. These meetings will probably occur early January, the foundation for the framework will then be set in place.

The possibility of a fatigue tick and flick on the IR was briefly discussed. Further information on this will be provided at future meetings.

St John also stated there has been a drop in the last week of 100 hours of shift extensions across the metropolitan fleet, however we have just come off the highest levels of shift extensions the service has ever seen. Currently we are back to 634 hours of shift extensions.

Policy Change
The AEAWA asked what policies do we want reviewed? The AEAWA would like the policies to be made available, as many are not even in connect. They seem to appear and disappear off the system. This is not acceptable. The AEAWA stated if the policy is not available to staff, then it doesn’t exist, and he have no appetite to follow a policy that’s not made available.

Closing AEAWA Statement
The AEAWA would like to see the ‘leaders’ and ‘decision makers’ in these meetings to speed up the process. Fatigue affects the entire organisation so multiple departments need to be involved.

The AEAWA also want to get down to the basics, and actually make changes. Not to implement a St John traffic light system for crew fatigue with three lights set to red. That policy is problematic when you have a 0-2% stand by capacity.

In essence does St John want to work with the AEAWA to have a plan that works or plough on with their own agendas and develop implementations that will in all likelihood fail, so they can tick a box to say they have a plan.

If we want change, we also have to fix ‘policy conflict’ within this organisation. Review all the policies and sort the ones that contradict each other.

Next Committee Meeting
Mid December 2023.

Meeting Closed

Violence and Aggression Minutes from October 24th, 2023

Meeting Chaired By
Scott Higgins

Meeting Conducted
13:00 – 15:00.

St John Attendee’s
Scott Higgins, Justin Fonte, Ben Mann, Taylor Portwood, Drew Mckibbin, Stephanie Freemantle, Carl Vine and a guest from WAPOL

Committee Attendee’s
Lee Waller

Committee Apologies
John Thomas, Mike Hardwick, Jesse George, Conrad Fairhead, Callan McClure, and Tania Hill.

Previous Minutes Accepted By
There were no previous minutes to accept and move.

Opening St John Statement
The subcommittee will look at all V & A issues to give advice and sort initiatives. St John have some policies and procedures written already and many they believe require writing, there are multiple stakeholders involved in this process; WAPOL, DOH etc, so this may be a lengthy process. If policies need to be changed this is the forum to do that.

Opening AEAWA Statement
The AEAWA always welcome meetings such as these and the implementation of various working groups across the organisation to make change, however we would like to see the same dedication by St John.

It is pointless scheduling meetings for the AEAWA to attend, then deny us being at the table because the workload is high. It is always high. If delegates cannot make the meeting, as St Johns has denied them due to workload then the meeting is to be cancelled and rescheduled.

What the AEAWA do not want is the usual St John railroading of the past. That is holding these meetings, not implementing anything the AEAWA says and recommends, then ploughing through with the St John agenda. The agenda they had before they came to the meeting.

This has been done too many times in the past. Some examples were provided.
1. The Country Recruitment: were St John paid little attention to discussions to railroad their online recruitment process.
2. AP1s in the country: where we met to discuss placing AP1s into country regions were no AP2s and above had applied. Then they ignored most of the communication and put AP1s into positions over AP2s anyway.
3. Community Paramedic extensions
4. This very Violence and Aggression subcommittee were the AEAWA, by request from the membership approached St John with multiple recommendations. They returned to the table with a fixation on body worn cameras.

The AEAWA would like the process to start at the very beginning.

1. Collect the right data
If data from the crews is required to make change, then a proper process to obtain that data is needed.

The AEAWA provided an example. Why is an officer who administers the wrong medication dose to a patient, happy to put their hand up to say they made a mistake. They self-report the issue and an investigation commences.

Unfortunately, that same officer who is assaulted often will not report this as St Johns Operational arm projects a blame culture. There will be an armchair quarter back who wasn’t there, who often finds the officer at fault. The feedback is; you should have done this, and this would not have happened.

There needs to be a non-blame culture for those who self-report or officers will not (unless an injury is sustained) fill out the form.

2. A review needs to occur when the call is received.
When the call is received, how do we ask more questions above what is asked by ProQA, our call-takers are locked to a script that does not aske many pertinent questions. Who can this call be allocated to for further interrogation? We want a 24/7 department to further investigate these potential aggressive scenes.

3. Appropriate dispatching to the call
Why are we then dispatched on a priority 1 to sit for two hours waiting for police. Can’t we just wait for police to attend or go on a priority 2. Waiting around the corner still places crews at risk, as most aggressive patients know we are standing by in the vacinity.

4. Violence and Aggression Training
This can not be just a one off, officers need to refresh these skills each year.

We want the discussion on the BWC to be last on the agenda, we believe things can be done pre this St John intervention.

St John stated that these types of incidents have significantly increased in the country. The AEAWA would like this data further broken down to.
• Gender
• Officer time in the job
• Are weapons used
• Verbal versus physical or sexual assaults
• Regions
• Classifications; Paramedics, Medics, Transport Officers and Volunteers etc.
• Drugs and/or alcohol on scene.

There is a history of under reporting in this organisation and St John need to fix that culture. Unfortunately, there is little trust out there for St John management. This needs to be your first priority to fix.

St John stated there are three cameras and eight stab resistant vests going out on the road Monday 30th October 2023. There are docking stations located at Vic Park and Riverton. In 2-weeks the trial will be moved to O’Connor and Rockingham, then they will go to the Northeast and Central regions.

There have been 168 EOIs in 4 days from officers wanting to wear them. There is considerable feedback and support for these devices according to St John.
The AEAWA are skeptical as we can see the employee relations visits by St John will increase. St John reacted by stating it didn’t happen for the Corpuls. Well, here’s a history lesson. That’s because the AEAWA sorted that in the Fair Work Commission.

St John will sort a page on connect to show minutes, agenda items etc. The current ideas to start this process are.
• Training and policies need a review.
• Investigation training for Area Managers.
• Yearly training for Violence and Aggression.
• Paramedics in the Police Operations center was raised again about being beneficial.

Next Committee Meeting
The next AEAWA Committee is scheduled for Monday 12th December 2020.

Meeting Closed

AEAWA Committee Minutes from October 11th, 2023

Meeting Chaired By
John Thomas

Meeting Conducted
08:30 – 10:30.

Committee Attendees
John Thomas, Mike Hardwick, Lee Waller, Justin Ingrey, Phil Stanatis, Jesse George, Conrad Fairhead, Callan McClure, Todd Jones, Dave Bryant, Rick Candy, and Bronwyn Hearne.

Committee Apologies
Rex Bullock, Chris Smith and Jordan O’Sullivan.

Previous Minutes Accepted By
Justin Ingrey and Jesse George.

New AEAWA Members
There has been a total of 172 new members signed with the AEAWA since January 1st, 2023. The Executive have been running a recruitment campaign which has involved general emails, crew discussions and talks with the new Operational Support Officers, Communications Officers, Direct Entrants, Medics and students within the college.

SOC EBA Update
The Log of Claims for the 2023-2026 Communications Officers Certified Agreement was discussed (located in the SOC EBA drop down menu on the website). The Communications Officer’s offer was less than favourable and the AEAWA wrote to St Johns advising them of the disappointing offer.

St John wrote back to the AEAWA with a ‘revised final offer’, which was also rejected by the membership. To date no reply has been sent by the organisation. The AEAWA will formally write to St John to ascertain what is happening, as the membership deserve a response. The correspondence sent can be found on the website under the information and Correspondence drop down menu.

Transport EBA Update
The Log of Claims for the 2023-2026 Ambulance Transport Officers Certified Agreement was discussed (located in the Transport EBA drop down menu on the website). As the Communications Officers and Ambulance Transport Officers EBA negotiations both paused for St John to do their costings.

The AEAWA have still not received an offer from St John for the Ambulance Transport offer. The AEAWA will formally write to St John to ascertain what is happening, as the membership deserve a response.

Paramedic EBA
When is this fight starting. And what do we need to do to prepare. When will the AEAWA send out information on what we are fighting for. A lot of traffic is coming through the info account, it was discussed to get another email address; eba@aeawa etc. So that responses from the fleet when we request the wish list from the membership, don’t interfere with the day to day emails received.

The AEAWA Treasurer Report
The AEAWA report from the Treasurer was tabled. The financials of the Association were discussed, and all recent debit and credits were provided to the Executive. The Executive Committee both reviewed and accepted the report, and any financial member of the Association can request a copy through [email protected].

Meeting Agenda
This is the monthly scheduled AEAWA meeting for all the Association Committees (Executive, Paramedic, Communications, Medic, and Transport). Association correspondence and issues from the membership will be discussed here.

Agenda Items

12-Hour Shift Payments for Transport Officers
Many Ambulance Transport Officers contacted the AEAWA over the EBA item relating to the 12-hour shifts. They way it is written many believe it insinuates that you need to work 12 hours before you get a shift extension.

The AEAWA have informed the membership that this will not be the case in the recent Transport JCC meeting held September 13th. The AEAWA stated.

St John really dropped the ball with this one. With the introduction of the 12-hour shifts a number of employees were under the impression, and in some cases led to believe that as they have moved from an 8.5-hour day roster to a 12-hour a day roster they would be receiving 3.5-hours of overtime per shift.

THIS IS NOT THE CASE – You will be paid a 12-hour rate for the days you work, not the overtime. Unfortunately, no one is advised of this, and it is not until the employee see’s their first pay that they realise their pay doesn’t add up.

Officers are then contacting St John, who then inform the employee they do not get paid the overtime.

All officers should note that those who work these rosters often receive contracts that state your pay is referenced to Appendix 2 in the Ambulance Transport Officers Certified Agreement (as all Ambulance Transport rates are).

Unfortunately, St John never realised that there are NO 12-HOUR SHIFTS IN APPENDIX 2. So, your rate will be calculated differently. Unfortunately, it appears there are various Ambulance Transport Officers working these 12-hour rosters on a multitude of pay rates. St John are in the process of reviewing this.

The AEAWA will write to St John to put the membership at ease and will place that correspondence onto the website.

BCP Levels
Our country colleagues have contacted the AEAWA as they believe the rise in BCP levels have nothing to do with an ‘emergency situation’ but has everything to do with St John falling asleep at the wheel and not recruiting more Paramedics and Transport Officers. This is effectively giving St John a ‘free run’ at rostering and manipulating the data.

It appears throughout the country paramedics are being sought for regional areas. Recently Ambulance Service New South Wales are seeking 500 seen here. It appears either St John are not asking for enough resourcing or Government aren’t providing it.

What ever the case people within the West Australian community are being provided with a substandard service, as there are not enough resources. The AEAWA will write to St John to ascertain why the BCP levels are set the way they are, as there has been no directive from the Minister or Department of Health.

Medics in the Country
Members, especially in the Southwest contacted multiple delegates about this implementation. Suddenly Medics are being placed on the roster to work with Paramedics.

The AEAWA stated that Medics are contained in the Ambulance Transport Officers Agreement, and therefore CANNOT be placed to work with paramedics, we are not at the height of the Pandemic, there has been no Government requests to do so.

This is nothing short of St John dropping the ball again. St John need to go to Health and sort this out, they need to ask for more staff. Whilst they do this the AEAWA have raised a dispute.

Members want to see reduced RFDS transfers across the state. There is minimal capacity in the country, and whilst crews are tied up doing RFDS calls, emergencies in the community are waiting to long to get an ambulance. This is costing lives.

In Albany Paramedics do not do NETS, in Narrogin there is a vehicle in RFDS hanger to reduce transfers, it appears…. surprise, surprise. That St John do not have a statewide plan, and it is up to the many regional managers to sort out. There needs to be an overriding managerial way of doing things, and there needs to be uniformity.

Recent Country Relief Positions
The AEAWA are in the process of raising a dispute over the recent country relief positions. Many of you would know that previously the agreement was that only AP2s could do country relief. St John approached us, cap in hand, asking if we would support the notion for AP1s in the country, basically they said this was for regions they could not staff, the example given was Newman.

The AEAWA agreed to assist the organisation in this process for Paramedic positions, provided. 1. The initial country relief advertisement stated AP2s and above. 2. If an AP2 and above (inclusive of an AP3 or SM) does not apply for the position, then the relief spot is to be readvertised again as AP1s and above. 3.

If an AP2 or above applies in that round, they would be successful, if not then the AP1 would take the relief position. While we agreed in principle to ensure a fair and transparent process that would benefit the organisation, not cause any detriment to any officer, and decrease the chances of a country station being closed.

The last round of country relief advertisements did not follow the agreed process. It was advertised for AP1s and above, and even though AP2s, AP3s and SMs applied for various positions, the AP1s were allocated those spots, which is a breach of the Agreement.

Meal Breaks
Members have asked about the recent AmbiCad messages stating at the end of the shift, ‘Oh by the way you’ve all had your break’ through the night. Once again, this is a St John mistake. If you were not contacted on that shift, you claim the allowance. This is St Johns inability to run the service adequately.

And yes, you may think with so many, many, many, many, managers in this organisation; in SOC there have been instances of more managers in the room than call-takers, that one of them may find some time to send an AmbiCad message down.

Any back to planet Earth, there have been recent messages sent to the Medics stating the same thing. ALL officers are advised that unless you or your vehicle (if on a night shift) has not been contacted, a global message does not cut it. Claim the allowance, and if its not paid, please contact us on [email protected].

General Business

Employ a Full Time AEAWA Employee
Many believe the AEAWA should employ someone to perform office duties. This should take some pressure off the Executive. The AEAWA are happy to investigate this if that is what the membership would like. It should be noted that yes, it is busy, yes, the Executive have little time off… But boy do we love doing what we do. Further updates will come shortly.

The Triple Time Train
Members approached the AEAWA about the closures through the night of Rockingham, whilst there was only one crew in Mandurah. The week before the old ‘Triple Time Train’ came pouring through all stations, now the depots are closed.

The AEAWA will write to St John and ask if the spin a wheel or something, we have no idea why sometimes it is made available. Whilst other times we shout multiple depots. Its also amazing that Managers seem to be the first officers that board the Triple Time Train, even though they should only be paid at casual rates.

Next Meeting
Tuesday 14th November 2023 from 08:30 – 10:30.

Meeting Concluded

Safety Meeting Minutes from October 2nd, 2023

Meeting Chaired by
Scott Higgins

Meeting Commenced
12:00 on October 2nd, 2023

Committee Attendee’s
Callan McClure

Committee Apologies
John Thomas, Mike Hardwick, Lee Waller, Jesse George, Conrad Fairhead and Tania Hill.

SJA Attendees
Scott Higgins, Drew McKibbin and Natalie Adams.

After numerous interactions with St John over fixing significant workplace issues the AEAWA have been at the forefront of implementing numerous working groups to reduce stresses within the workplace. Those issues and subcommittees are listed below.

Fatigue Management
St John are establishing a “sub-committee” to aide in fatigue management. A diagnostic review is to be conducted by Melius Consulting Group who will hold focus groups in mid-November to examine improving fatigue management across the service. A fatigue management specialist will then be recruited to review and implement the subsequent recommendations. More information will be provided shortly.

Manual Tasks
St John will establish a “sub-committee” for review of existing equipment and future initiatives such as lifting teams. No developments other than to establish a “sub-committee” has occurred to date, however delegates representing the AEAWA membership will be placed into this committee.

Emergency Driving
St John is conducting an internal review of emergency driving policy, benchmarking it against other states. An external review of student officer training program is to commence in early October.

St John is currently attempting to have the Road Traffic Code 2000 amended by state government to allow for public roads training of emergency driving. At this stage significant changes are required, and progress is slow. A working group will be implemented soon to review these changes.

Health and Hygiene
St John are currently in the process of recruiting an “immunisation specialist” which has reportedly been advertised, AEAWA have been unable to find this “advertised” job as of the day of this meeting. This specialist will review the St John policy relating to the immunisation and vaccination program.

The Rollout of the Alcohol and Drug Testing Program
St John will commence an Alcohol and Drug testing program roll out very soon, no new changes to current policy or processes have been announced as yet.

Workplace Violence and Aggression
St John will form this sub-committee with the first meeting in October 2023. A connect page with support for police investigations such as FAQs and advice will be created for offices to go to for information.

A SOC Officer to be located within WAPOL Police Operations Centre (POC)
Similar to the previous paramedic staffed police liaison officer role, soon St John will be calling for officers to be placed into the POC. Further information will be provided shortly.

PPE Trial for Body Worn Cameras and Stab Vests
The trial will commence mid-October. St John will provide the AEAWA with a standard operating procedure prior to commencement. The AEAWA raised that our members have zero interest in body worn cameras as due to the appalling low level of faith in senior management members feel St John would be more interested in investigating complaints than gathering evidence for criminal proceedings.

The AEAWA raised that previous assaults caught on camera at hospitals, where despite full video recordings were available; nil conviction occurred. The AEAWA again reiterated they need to mitigate officers being in these situations in the first place and they need to implement appropriate plans to get staff home safely once these incidents have occurred.

The AEAWA first raised this on the 20th of June this year. When asked about using STT to review calls for further information for staff safety or not responding to violent scenes until WAPOL arrives advised they would “look into it”. So we await that answer.

Meeting Concluded

Next Meeting

Winter Surge Meeting Minutes from September 27th, 2023

Meeting Chaired By
Joe Cuthbertson

Meeting Conducted

Committee Attendees
Lee Waller and Callan McClure.

Committee Apologies
John Thomas, Mike Hardwick as Jesse George.

SJA Attendees
Joe Cuthbertson and Natalie Adams.

St John Opening Statement

The Winding Up of the Winter Surge Plan
Currently there have been some fluctuations in ED presentations across the state as the warmer environment depresses the viral load throughout the community. St John called for this meeting to discuss with the AEAWA the wind down of the Winter Surge Plan.

Medic/Medic and Medic/TOM Crews
Discussion occurred around the data of splitting the Medic/Medic crews to the Medic/TOM crews. St John stated they monitored quality assurance, Clinical Incidents and other potential issues around this split and found no problems. St John believe that this is due to those crews having the assistance of STT. This is why there is not appetite to place these crews on 24/7, until STT hours change. St John realise these crews need this support and will not increase the span of hours until STT does.

Currently the plan for 5 Medic/Medic crews per shift is continuing, however St John want to know from the AEAWA under what circumstances can they enact the plan again. The AEAWA stated the commitment was for 10 Medic/Medic crews per shift, we will need to see these resources included in the fleet before we truly discuss a surge plan for next year.

Winter Surge Plan
The AEAWA stated that an organisational surge plan needs to be separated from day-to-day business. The reason why surge capacity destroys us and increases issues within this service is due to us having no capacity. Currently we have 15 ambulances down, call-takers and radio dispatcher numbers are down. It is approaching the point where St John can’t run the Ambulance Service on a Tuesday never mind a surge capacity event. The AEAWA are happy to discuss further surge events, however we will not be at all happy with allowing St John to use a surge plan for daily use.

The Calvary
St John wanted to the discuss the idea of hiring Paramedics for surge capacity events. Hypothetically, winter is bad and ED presentations are high, a paid surge workforce would come in and assist. The AEAWA stated we have zero appetite for this plan and would not support it in any way. It appears that St John most likely would get this money to fund this from DOH, as they are NOT interested in increasing crews on a day-to-day basis… but on a windup winter plan meeting, we are talking about paying for extra staff over winter.

The AEAWA and its membership would like to remind St John that we as a service can’t run effectively across the three other unknown periods ‘Summer’, ‘Autumn and ‘Spring’. The AEA also discussed the previous issues of the Medic/TOM system. Basically, when those crews were split, St John did not back fill the Transport Officers which meant that the Paramedic crews were often left doing the Transport calls anyway. Once again, this identified the lack of resources and capacity in the system.

Meeting Closed

Next Meeting

AEAWA Transport JCC Minutes from September 13th, 2023

Meeting Chaired By
Alan Clyne

Meeting Conducted

Committee Attendees
John Thomas, Mike Hardwick, Lee Waller, Jesse George, Jon Noble and Karen Gerristen.

Committee Apologies
No apologies

SJA Attendees
Alan Clyne, Tony Fitzgerald, John Backo, Stephanie Freemantle and Florentina Min.

St John Opening Statement

Call Volume
Workload has gone up 20% since last JCC, and the call volume has increased from 265 cases a day to 325 cases. St John believe this work has always been there and that we are now better placed to do that work. There are more crews (50-55 crews a day) and the turnaround times have improved. This also includes the Medic volume working across an 18-hour daily period. Currently the establishment on most days is at 70.

Workload is heavily dependent on APTC, some days crews are doing certain jobs and the next day they are not. Last Sunday PTS did eight country retrievals, which obviously left the metropolitan area a little vacant. KPI response performance is over the 90% benchmark.

CPAT Vehicles
CPAT specific calls have increased, St John want to get the vehicle out more to handle this specific workload. They want to have the same officers on the vehicle to maintain familiarisation. There will two more CPAT vehicles coming online, one at the end of the year and the second vehicle will come online early next year.

Patient Liaison Officer in Joondalup Health Campus
St John are toying with the idea of placing an officer into this hospital to assist with ramped Ambulance Transport and Medic crews. The AEAWA stated what benefit would this provide when a Hospital Liaison Manager is already placed there to deal with ramped crews?

St John will bring further information back to the table to discuss this proposal further.

Leftover Items from the Previous Agenda

Vehicle Maintenance Requests
This system has been sorted, and information has been provided to all Ambulance Transport Officers and Medics. This item is now listed as “Closed”. However, if further issues occur we will raise this again at a future JCC.

Ready Now Jobs at Hospitals
This item has been closed from the last JCC. St John had advised all officers that if they arrive to pick up the patient and after 15-minutes they are still not ready a call to PTS comms should occur to advise. Depending on workload you will either remain there a little longer until the patient is ready, or the job will need to be rebooked and you will be sent another call.

The AEAWA stated St John need a ‘checklist’ for ready now calls. Someone should be calling and finding out; is the cannula out, is the paperwork done, have all interventions ceased with the patient, before we attend. This will prevent crews hanging around at hospitals. With the current state of the health system, we do enough of this already.

A further discussion occurred around ‘wait and return’ calls. Some officers have been forced to wait excessively long at scenes whilst other calls move more smoothly. As always wait and returns will be arranged on a case-by-case basis. Some scenes it may not be appropriate to leave the patient, whilst other times it will be OK.

It is also dependent on the procedure that patient is going for, as this will determine the time the crew is required to wait. All such calls will be advised by PTS comms.

Forced Overtime
The procedure requested by St John for officers to call PTS comms is clearly becoming an issue for many members. Officers are calling three to four times to advise they can not do overtime are not getting through to anyone on the phone, as those staff are busy and on calls themselves.

The AEAWA advised that this was brought up in the Paramedic JCC and the Association requested an AmbiCad message which pops up and asks on shift crews if they would like a shift extension, crews can simply hit a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ button.

With an excessive number of calls going into our communication centres each day, and employees constantly under the pump, why create a system where extra call volumes come in?

St John seemed happy to review this, and they will provide an answer shortly. It was also advised that with the extra new staff that have hit the road and Transport ‘book off’ rates improving, this may not be such an issue in the future.

New Agenda Items

Vehicle Maintenance Requests
This is now a closed. The Ambulance Transport Officer Newsletter has provided all information on this issue to the workforce. If any issues are still occurring, Ambulance Transport Officers and Medics are advised to contact the AEAWA, and we can relist the problem on the JCC agenda.

Cert III for Non-Emergency Transport
This item has been raised numerous times; St John have tried to get this to work. An expression of interest has now gone out to see who would be interested in this in the newsletter. The aim was to get officers who wish to get the certification to complete the certificate. St Johno were also looking to sort the retrospective requirements for officers interested in the course. This process may take about six months; however, St John would like to get this through.

St John need to investigate officer training to see if the standards will be accepted for officers to gain the certification. This will require external discussions. St John will also require someone who is experienced in clinical education to assist in running the course or with course development. Currently, the plan is to look into a small number of people for the first group, to test the process.

Stryker Rollout
Members would like to know what is happening with the rollout, when can members expect them to be in the vehicles. St John stated the Medics were the primary focus as they were assigned the new vehicles.

There has also been a supply issue, which has delayed this process. Normal fleet replacements are still occurring, and the current Stryker retro fit is doing approximate two vehicles per week. St John also advised that no new vehicles will be fitted with the Ferno, they will all be Stryker fitted vehicles.

It is a long task, but the process should be completed over the next year or two. The CEO is focused on this and wants it completed as soon as possible.

Roster System
Members are a little concerned at the length delays of this upcoming roster system. St John advised that there is now a Team purely focussed on this. St John are still reviewing all the potential systems and data capturing processes and some head way is expected in the next calendar year. St Johns will keep members informed through the AEAWA and the Ambulance Transport Newsletter.

Closed Vans
The question was asked about the data capturing of closed vehicles. The AEAWA would like to see how many shifts/vehicles are closed daily (inclusive of Medic and Transport Officer vehicles). St John did not have that data with them but provided some data from today (13/09/2023). Out of the 37 rostered vehicles today they were 5 down.

There were no specifics of Medic/Transport configurations. St John would be happy to inform the AEAWA on future closures of vehicles.

Transferring Infants/Babies
Discussions occurred around transferring new borns. In some cases, crews are saying its unsafe to have mum on one stretcher and the baby on the other. As they can not see the child and its very hard to assess them properly on route.

The AEAWA intervened and asked the question ‘have the new baby blankets been provided to the Transport fleet yet? St Johns stated ‘No’. This is a simple fix. Again the AEAWA would like to remind all officers YOU SHOULD NOT USE THE BABY BLANKET UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! The manufacturer states it can only be used in ‘EMERGENCY SITUATIONS’. If an issue occurs and you are Transporting a newborn under non-emergency circumstances, any fallout will land WITH THE DRIVER!!! As you have deemed the manufacturers warning to be unimportant and you have chosen to ignore the warning! The risk is yours to take.

The AEAWAs advice is to politely decline the job as it is unsafe, if you feel you are pressured into doing the call contact the AEAWA immediately. A St John lawful directive under workplace law is not lawful if the direction has the potential to cause harm or if the request is illegal. Thankfully you will be covered for both!

Process for Increasing Clinical Scope SOP
As there were no representatives from the Country at today’s meeting, this item will be held over until the next JCC.

Uniform Orders
The AEAWA wanted to inquire what has evolved since the last JCC. At the last JCC St John agreed that the process in ordering uniforms is cumbersome, and that numerous employees are not receiving their full uniform order. Today St John stated the Uniform Committee will be reviewing all items related to the uniform.

There are some uniforms which will be trialed in December. A discussion took place on the quality of the uniform. The AEAWA stated that volunteers from the SES and DEFES have full dress uniforms, and here are St John employees with an embarrassing mismatch of green.

Regarding the number of uniforms full time Ambulance Transport Officers can order, it shouldn’t be too hard to change a 4 to a 5 on the drop-down menu so they have a clean uniform for very shift. Again, this will be reviewed by members on the Uniform Committee.

Crews Working the 12-Hour Roster
St John really dropped the ball with this one. With the introduction of the 12-hour shifts a number of employees were under the impression, and in some cases led to believe that as they have moved from an 8.5-hour day roster to a 12-hour a day roster they would be receiving 3.5-hours of overtime per shift.

THIS IS NOT THE CASE – You will be paid a 12-hour rate for the days you work, not the overtime. Unfortunately, no one is advised of this, and it is not until the employee see’s their first pay that they realise their pay doesn’t add up.

Officers are then contacting St John, who then inform the employee they do not get paid the overtime.

All officers should note that those who work these rosters often receive contracts that state your pay is referenced to Appendix 2 in the Ambulance Transport Officers Certified Agreement (as all Ambulance Transport rates are). Unfortunately, St John never realised that there are NO 12-HOUR SHIFTS IN APPENDIX 2. So, your rate will be calculated differently. Unfortunately, it appears there are various Ambulance Transport Officers working these 12-hour rosters on a multitude of pay rates. St John are in the process of reviewing this.

Medic/LAR Crews
The AEAWA asked about placing these resources in the Southern metropolitan corridor. Some of these crews log on in Belmont and Wangara and are then continually deployed to the Mandurah and Rockingham areas, as there are no resources there.

This leads to extensive shift extensions, as crews are driving 50+ minutes to get back to their starting locations to then knock off. Some officers are driving from their homes in these areas to Wangara to then drive back again.

St Johns appeared receptive on this matter and would like to see more resources placed in this area. Further discussions and information will occur soon on permanent placements of these vehicles.

Ipads for Casuals
Again, this was brought up as casuals do not have iPads to use. Many of the iPads at the depots are not even charged or have not been updated in some time. Often the passwords do not work. St John put in a case to IT for more iPads and the answer came back ‘NO’.

The AEAWA then had an epiphany….. Maybe the managers at the depots…. Wait for it……. Could plug them in, and squeeze in an update every 30 days. St John will review this and get back to us.

Country Transfers
Members approached the AEAWA regarding the allocation of crews to do country transfers. Some officers appear to get 2-3 a week whilst others never get allocated one. Members would like to know what the process is.

The AEAWA suggested an EOI go out to all officers, get a list of those keen to do them, and were possible divide the transfers as best as you can. Its not a hard thing to do. St John appeared to like this idea, and they will return to the table at the next JCC to discuss options.

Currently, these calls are mainly given to Casuals over full time officers, which is strange as casuals cost more.

Extra Discussions

Transfers from Perth to Country Regions
A discussion occurred around the use of the Multi Patient Transport Vehicle. Yesterday three Transport crews brought down three patients from Perth to Albany Hospital. The question was asked why the MPTV wasn’t used. St Johns stated that sometimes its more expensive to run this vehicle over three separate crews.

They realise that three crews are taken out of the metropolitan circulation, however, it is cheaper for the organisation to do this over the deployment of the MPTV.

Van overstocking
St John asked the question ‘has the practice of overstocking the PTVs with equipment still occurring?’. The delegates stated the issue is better, as previously crews were spending 10-15 minutes of the start of the shift removing piles of stock. But since COVID ceased, the practice of over overstocking has greatly reduced. This has also been addressed in the newsletter and crews are asked to speak to the Transport Managers if this continues.

Will We See 224 LAR/Transport Crews?
St John stated perhaps, originally, we were told there is not enough depth in resources to run 224 vehicles, however this has recently changed. Next month there may be the possibility to add further 224 vehicles to support the RFDS crews. Early in the morning and late evening jobs cannot be done currently, as there are now crews to do them, this means the Paramedics crews are assigned.

The AEAWA discussed the current new officers, some have a weekday contract, and some have weekend contracts. Some weekenders are racing through their mentor shifts by doing extra weekdays, whilst other weekenders are told they can not work weekdays as they are on weekend contracts.

Once again, we seem to have hit the old St John bottle neck when only the chosen few get passed. St John will review this and get back to the AEAWA on why this is occurring.

St John to Return to the Next JCC With
Heatmap of the work distribution from the northern corridor to Jurien Bay.

Meeting Closed

Next Meeting

AEAWA Committee Minutes from September 12th, 2023

Meeting Chaired By
Lee Waller

Meeting Conducted
08:30 – 10:30.

Committee Attendees
Mike Hardwick, Lee Waller, Jesse George, Callan McClure, Kirsty Roberts, Tim Dunlop, Phil Stanatis, Justin Ingrey and Andrew Kerfoot.

Committee Apologies
John Thomas, Jon Flocton and Dale Reid

Previous Minutes Accepted By
Mike Hardwick and Lee Waller

Meeting Agenda
This is the monthly scheduled AEAWA meeting for all the Association Committees (Executive, Paramedic, Communications, Medic, and Transport). Association correspondence and issues from the membership will be discussed here.

New AEAWA members
There has been a total of 143 new members signed with the AEAWA since January 1st, 2023. The Executive have been running a recruitment campaign which has involved general emails, crew discussions and talks with the new Operational Support Officers, Communications Officers, Direct Entrants, Medics and students within the college.

SOC EBA Update
The Log of Claims for the 2023-2026 Communications Officers Certified Agreement was discussed (located in the SOC EBA drop down menu on the website). The Communications Officer’s offer was less than favorable and the AEAWA wrote to St Johns advising them of the disappointing offer. To date no reply has been sent by the organisation, but we will keep the membership up to date when we receive it.

The correspondence sent can be found on the website under the information and Correspondence drop down menu.

Transport EBA Update
The Log of Claims for the 2023-2026 Ambulance Transport Officers Certified Agreement was discussed (located in the Transport EBA drop down menu on the website). As the Communications Officers and Ambulance Transport Officers EBA negotiations both paused for St John to do their costings. The AEAWA have still not received an offer from St John for the Ambulance Transport offer. When we receive this it will go out to all Ambulance Transport members.

The AEAWA Treasurer Report
The AEAWA report from the Treasurer was tabled. The financials of the Association were discussed and all recent debit and credits were provided to the Executive. The Executive Committee both reviewed and accepted the report and any financial member of the Association can request a copy through [email protected].

Agenda Items

Workers Compensation Issues
Members have contacted the AEAWA as they have been off work for some time awaiting Allianz the insurer to accept their workers compensation claim. Some officers have been off for over 5-months with no contact from Allianz. Members are not even being contacted by St John to advise of the status of their claim.

This is causing significant stress for those who are off work and awaiting claim acceptance. Can the AEAWA do something to assist these members?

The AEAWA has agreed to formally write to St John in an effort to improve the lines of communication to those off work. As some of these issues may be of a confidential matter, it would be difficult for the AEAWA to act on behalf of some of the members off work, but as an Association we can be an advocate for them.

Any member off work and has not heard about the status of their claim should email [email protected] with how long you have been off work, and when was the last time you heard from St John or Allianz.

Kellerberrin Incident
Members have raised concerns over this recent unfortunate event, as it highlights significant issues within the country regions. For career staff they must undergo a series of psychometric testings before you work along side volunteers. However, this is not the case for the volunteer working alongside career staff.

There is absolutely no mental health testing of any kind for those contained within the volunteer model. Members have approached the AEAWA and are clear in what they are asking.

Any individual that ‘volunteers’ alongside a career employee (be that a Paramedic, Ambulance Officer, Medic or Ambulance Transport Officer etc) must have completed, been assessed and passed the same psychometric testing.

This will also have to be sorted for Community Paramedics, and those students who are being placed into surge programs by St John will also have to undergo this assessment if they work along side any paid St John employee. The AEAWA will formally write to St John and advise the membership of the response.

AP1s in country
Members contacted multiple delegates recently over AP1 advertisements for country. There have been some questions over the country spots being advertised for AP1s and above. There are rumors that AP1s are getting some positions over the AP2s as they have a lower country relief score.

The AEAWA will contact St John to see if this is the case and are advising any AP2 or AP3 that has been turned down for a country relief spot over an AP1 for relief scores need to contact the AEAWA immediately.

Further discussions occurred on the fact of having AP1s in the country at all, we have a Certified Agreement that defines who can work in the country, we should be holding St John to account over this and stop the practice.

LAR Model Email to Employees
A recent email sent by a St John Manager related to the LAR Model being staffed by an Ambulance Transport Officer and a Medic to respond to community P3 calls. It stated the roster will be four on four off working two early shifts (08:00-20:00) and two late shifts (10:00-22:00).

Members contacted the AEAWA wanting to know why these services aren’t 24/7? There is a long history with St John only thinking you need resources up until 10pm and after that we have a dangerous level of 224 vehicles on for the rest of the night.

Discussions also occurred around the ten Medic crews per shift that were promised during the last EBA negotiations, an item St John still haven’t fixed. The AEAWA realise that often St John moves as fast as a snail with Asthma, but we believe its time to get these resources up and running throughout the State.

Questions were asked does this have to do with the Medics not having the backing of STT (as this is another resource St John put on without working through the night). The AEAWA have heard this before, apparently when STT goes 24/7 so will the Medic crews.

Seems strange they need STT to back them for calls ProQA has deemed non-emergency but in the country, anyone can attend Priority 0s with just a driving qualification. This is an item to be raised at the next Transport JCC. The AEAWA will advise of the answer.

The Protective Equipment Trial
Members have contacted the AEAWA not happy about St John entering the Body Cam Trial, considering that was never even discussed during the initial safety meeting. Many members believe this will be used by ER to punish officers for wrong doings rather than to limit the rates of occupational violence.

Both studies published in this area and CCTV footage that show acts of violence towards emergency personnel rarely punish those accused and often bare no relevance in sentencing.

With trust of St John at an all-time low there is no faith in an organisation to protect their staff. The AEAWA will not advocate the use of Body Cams in either a trial or on a ‘roll out’ basis, and will write to St John stating this fact.

The New Warning Stickers in the Ambulances
Members contacted the AEAWA over new warning stickers in some of the vehicles, these stickers have been placed in the area behind the driver’s seat. These stickers cannot be seen by patients in the vehicle. The warning states “Certain devices in this vehicle are capable of audio recording”.

The question is, are there multiple recording devices in the vehicles? Why were these warnings placed in the vehicles and who are they for? This was raised this at the last JCC. The AEAWA will write to St John to get a definitive answer on this and will provide that feedback shortly.

The Dangerous Levels of Staffing Within the Service
Members have stated enough is enough. When will St John short their staffing levels out. Night shifts have become a joke and downright dangerous for the WA community. Its clear there is no mass recruitment campaign in sight. Can the AEAWA speak to the Government over this?

Much of the data on response times, depot closures etc are held at St John and are not disclosed or able to be accessed by the AEAWA. However, the AEAWA have placed a ‘Report’ section on their website (top menu bar) and would like all members to familiarise themselves with it. Alert the AEAWA to depot closures, poor response times, equipment failures and other issues. This evidence can be used to keep St John honest in how they run the service and improve all of our working conditions.

Triple Time
Will St John consider the triple time increase for OT shifts during winter surge? They seem to be worried about staffing levels and the service entering winter, with COVID still about.

The AEAWA will approach St John with this at the next paramedic JCC (November 1st, 2023) and the
Next Winter Surge meeting. There needs to be an incentive for weekends and night shifts. SJA have not supported the 224 for many years. They need to start.

Paramedics EBA
Members have asked when the Paramedic EBA negotiations will commence, and will the AEAWA contact the membership to get ideas for the Log of Claims? Yes, the AEAWA will contact members soon for the log of claims items. This will be in the next month or so, and negotiations look like commencing over the February/March period 2024.

NETS Transfer Vehicle Potentially Being Overweight
Apparently there has been some discussions around transferring a whole NETS team, plus crew and stretcher. Many believe this places the Ambulance over the legal tare weight. Members would like to know if there is a policy about this, as the ownership is on the driver if anything goes wrong.

The AEAWA have been made aware that the ambulances have been taken over certified weigh bridges and the weight calculation plus numerous extra equipment and staff in the vehicle surely exceeds the safety limits.

The idea of leaving an Ambulance parked at RFDS for their staff to use has been floated. The AEAWA will investigate this. If the vehicles are over the legal weight limit, then the jobs can not be done. It’s that simple. An organisational ‘lawful’ direction is not lawful if its not safe and/or illegal to follow that order.

Lack of Reserve Coverage in the Southwest
BCP3 appears a reactive measure, no initiative shown by St John about putting on extra crews or using the multi-patient transfer vehicle for transfers. This is causing an issue within the region. It is the largest population outside of the Perth metropolitan area and it has very few crews, and little capacity to handle staff book offs. There are always depot closures, especially at East Bunbury.

Over the last 34 days EBU has only had 4 shifts that are properly staffed, all shifts are generally covered with overtime. The depot has been closed numerous times; it is obvious more staff are required in this region. The AEAWA will write to St John to see what they have plans to respond to the community within this region.

General Business

Diesel Particulate Testing for East Bunbury Depot
Members still want to see the report that was provided to St John for EBU. Two lots of testing has been performed at the depot and St John have still not provided the report. No follow-up from St John and emails to Regional Office are not being responded too. Our members believe that St John need to provide this information to employees. If there were no issues members would have had this report months ago. There is clearly an issue there. This was an Agenda item at the last JCC that was not raised at the meeting due to time constraints.

The AEAWA will write to St John and see if we can gain access to this report.

AEAWA Letters
Members have asked all relevant correspondence to and from St John to be placed on the website so they can review and see what the AEAWA has been achieving. The AEAWA stated yes, certain letters can be placed on the website, whilst other content is a little trickier in loading it for all to see.

Local Member of Parliament Meetings
Members have asked if the AEAWA would support them in talking to their various members of Parliament about the poor staffing across the state. Numerous individuals have approached local staff asking them why staffing levels are so low, after receiving responses from local communities.

Members would like to pass on these details to the AEAWA to arrange meetings, as they believe these local members should be made aware of how bad things have become.

Swapping Permanent Positions in the Depot
Members would like to know why they can not swap shifts or vehicles within the depot. They have approached rosters, who have stated no, as this will affect the list system. Two officers are on different vehicles at the same depot on the same shift, both officers have no partner, no one on the list wants the positions so why can’t these officers work together permanently.

This has been raised at numerous JCCs and meetings with St John. Its time this was raised again. The AEAWA will list this as a Paramedic JCC agenda item as the list system (apart from day vans) only requires officers to list the location and shift colour, not the vehicle.

List System for the Country
After the recent country appointments members have contacted the AEAWA over bringing back the country list system. The new process is again unfair, and as always goes back to a popularity contest in the interview. The list system was the only fair and transparent process we had, and members would like this to return in the next EBA negotiations.

The AEAWA will list this in the upcoming paramedic/Ambulance Officers EBA negotiations.

Next Meeting
Wednesday 11th October, 2023 from 08:30 – 10:30.

Meeting Concluded

Paramedic JCC Meeting Minutes from July 18th, 2023

Meeting Chaired by
Natalie Adams

Meeting commenced
10:30-12:30 on July 17th, 2023

Committee Attendee’s
Michael Hardwick, Conrad Fairhead, Kirsty Roberts, Jon Flockton, Jesse George and Justin Ingrey.

Committee Apologies
John Thomas, Lee Waller and Tania Hill.

SJA Attendees
Brendon Brodie-Hall, Joe Cuthbertson, Justin Fonte, Karen Stewart, Joel Moore, Naomi Powell, David Cutler, Natalie Adams, Florentina Min and Stephanie Freemantle.

St John Opening Statement

Metropolitan Ambulance General Updates
The BCP level within the organisation is currently set at level 2, this is due to current staffing levels. The workload is steadily increasing along with the call cycle times. Currently 82% of the P1 target is being achieved and the standby capacity is averaged at 30%. The current LAR model is improving P3 times. The AEAWA had asked when the LAR crews are going to a 2/2/4 roster, to which the response from St John was this is currently happening with a designated RFDS crew.

Country Ambulance General Updates
The recent country assessment centers have closed which seen 50 applicants for the advertised 31 country positions and the bulk of those officers applying for the three most sort after areas; Esperance, Margaret River and Busselton. The successful officers will commence on or before the 1st December 2023.

There will be a further assessment center opening around November 2023 for other future country positions. St John acknowledged that the Christmas roster is an issue with many officers is the country accessing annual leave over this period. This creates an issue in metro as many officers vacate the metropolitan roster to relieve in the country locations. St John will oversee the rostering in the regional areas to potentially limit this impact.

Ramping and Shift Extensions General Updates
The recent figures show a total of 4,700 ramping hours in June, 2023 and St John have implemented a full HLM roster to manage this ramping and takeover crews. There was an increase of 80 hours for night shift extensions, and day shift extensions have stayed the same. St John also reiterated that the AO/AO crews are not included in the establishment figures.

Ambulance Officer/Paramedic Safety General Updates
St John have stated there has been a reduction in lost time injuries and that all AMs/HLMs and ORMs have undertaken training in manual handling to provide a resource for operational crews and educational support. The CPAT lifting crew staffed by PTS with additional devices will be placed on a ‘stand-alone’ roster. St John stated that the majority of back up calls for lifts occur between 09:00-21:00. After discussion St John stated this resource should be implemented ASAP.

Slide sheets and the lifting belt are also to be introduced immediately and the training will occur during CEP. Currently two thirds of all ambulances have been fitted out with the Strykers and the complete rollout is still on schedule for completion at the end of this year (2023).

Rostering General Updates
St John identified that they require more resourcing between 18:00 to midnight (surprise, surprise) and that there have been no decisions made on any metro rostering pattern changes. St John have asked for rostering ideas from the AEAWA for both metro and country locations as at this point, they have been unable to find a solution for this problem. The AEAWA reiterated that they have sent numerous rostering ideas to St John so a generalised email search would find numerous solutions to this issue, which the AEAWA would be more than happy to discuss.

Discussions occurred around staggered start times and the blanket St John plan (introduced in 2021) for any changes in altering rostered start and finish times of the 2/2/4 or 4×4 roster. The AEAWA stated there has to be some recognition by St John that the 2/2/4 roster has to be fully resourced.

New locations were also discussed (Fitzroy Crossing, Derby and Rottnest Island) and added resources such as Extended Care Paramedics into certain locations. The DIDO and FIFO rosters would be required in order to staff some of these locations and some mining companies have agreed to fly officers both in and out of certain areas to assist in staffing these areas.

There was a St John proposal for the current Community Paramedic roster to change to 8/6 and potentially a 4×4 back-to-back roster to allow officers downtime. There is also a need for CPs to take on a more clinical roll, hence why there have been numerous training officer positions advertised in some of these areas.

Agenda Items

Employee Commendations
Members have contacted the AEAWA over commendations either taking months to be sent out, or not even being sent at all. This is not good for morale considering complaints are handed to the crew almost immediately. Is there a process in place that could speed these up?

St John stated that the process being reviewed as the commendations are currently being managed manually which is time consuming. The AEAWA believe complaints are dealt with rapidly by St John and commendations to be prioritised.

The Protective Equipment Trial
Members have contacted the AEAWA not happy about St John entering the Body Cam Trial. Many members believe this will be used by ER to punish officers for wrong doings rather than to limit the rates of occupational violence.

Some of the questions asked were.
Can we refuse to wear them?
How are the officers chosen for the trial?
Will they be managers?

St John said that no decisions have been made yet and that there will be an expression of interest to be a part of the trial.

Workers Compensation Issues
Members have contacted the AEAWA as they have been off work for some time and awaiting Alianz the insurer to accept their workers compensation claim. Some officers have been off for months with no contact from Alianz. Members are not even being contacted by St John about the status of their claim. Can the St John advocate more for their employees during this process? At the moment many employees are feeling abandoned.

There was formal recognition that this is an accurate assessment and because of depleted resources there has been a void in continuity of care for individuals. Employee Relations have addressed this and believe employees are now being contacted and informed. The AEAWA would like any officer who has not been contacted to contact the Association for assistance.

Uniform Working Group Update
The AEAWA would like to know the status of this working group, as nothing appears to be happening. What is the status of this group and when are the meetings to be held?

St John responded by saying the uniforms have gone out to tender and that Karen Stewart may lead the group moving forward.

Rosters Asking Employees Booking Off the Reasons Why
Members contacted multiple delegates recently over a new booking off procedure placed by St John with zero consultation. Members are being questioned and advised by rosters that they now have to record the actual reason and illness. Why have St John introduced this?

St John stated that they are trying to establish a pattern of behaviour to facilitate personal leave cover eg. Respiratory illness, gastro, fatigue and implement measures to prevent further book offs. They re-iterated that this is a “welfare” issue and nothing more.

The AEAWA were advised that a process needs to be standardised across rosters and SOC and are concerned with St John tracking trends in individual officers, which could be used as a punitive tool. The AEAWA reinforced that employees are under No obligation to give specifics on book offs.

Tutor/Student Overtime Capabilities
Is there a SJA policy in regard to overtime between Tutor/Student. There are numerous inconsistencies with OT, depending on who you ask some officers are being permitted or denied the extra shift. This causes confusion and is reducing night shift capabilities.

The AEAWA have continually stated that any “probationary” AO/Intern should be a resource that is drawn down to cover Pandemics/Natural Disasters/Unplanned Leave due to their competencies in manual handling/equipment/medications/procedures and policies.

St John articulated the current SOP states probationary AO’s cannot work overtime. The AEAWA disagreed with this interpretation and stated that the organisation is not supporting officers who are under resourced on night shifts. St John continued to elaborate that it was a clinical and psychological risk if crews could not support each other after a horrific event if they were not continually rostered together (8-week Tutor/Student).

The AEAWA again stated that this was potentially a resource that could be utilised for a positive outcome. The was some discussion and concern that management were deliberately undermining an opportunity for providing the community a clinical response.

The AEAWA advised St John, that although they were denying AO’s an opportunity to work overtime with a Paramedic, Metropolitan Operations were comfortable rostering AO pairing on overtime, which effectively debunked St Johns response that AO’s need time to study andnot be fatigued and should not be permitted to work with previous Tutors.

Meeting Closed
Many of the agenda items were not discussed as the meeting concluded and the AEAWA will write to St John to have these items responded to.

Next Meeting

Occupational Violence Meeting Minutes from June 20th, 2023

Meeting Chaired by
Scott Higgins

Meeting Time

AEAWA Attendees
John Thomas, Lee Waller, and Callan McClure.

SJA Attendees
Scott Higgins, Drew Mckibbin, and Natalie Adams

The broader committee for workplace violence, previously met with St John over an escalation in violence towards officers, and the recent event over east which seen a paramedic tragically killed.

During that meeting the AEAWA, through numerous member contacts raised these concerns. There were many suggestions provided to the senior management team.
1. Providing more de-escalation training.
2. Better screening of potentially violent scenes during the initial call.
3. Allowing STT to intervene and ask more specific questions to the caller if a call was flagged.
4. Not sending crews lights and sirens to park down the street awaiting WAPOL for 45-minutes.
5. The potentiality of stab vests for all front-line employees.
6. Discussions around policy on what the introduction of stab vests would look like, if introduced.

St John retuned today with two discussion points, stab vests and body cameras. St John want to trial both. There is no plan in place so far. The plan is to source these pieces of equipment, bring them in and look at them. Then trial the vests and body cams. There is lots of work to do; data collection, privacy implications and policy development that needs work. The CEO is invested in crew safety and wants to get this trial up ASAP.

AEAWA Response
The trials in NSW and Sydney conducted on body cameras both concluded that occupational violence rates do not decrease if an officer is wearing one. The fear of the AEAWA and the membership is that St John would use the camera footage for disciplinary action. The AEAWA know that the footage would be scrutinised days after an incident, and the crew will be hauled in for some kind of breach.

The AEAWA were open and honest with the feedback over stab vets, some of our members ae for and some are against their introduction. But all staff that have contacted the AEAWA are not willing to use the cameras. There needs to be more discussions on de-escalation in the service. The trial will be good for the vest potentially but not the cameras.

Questions asked by the AEAWA
What are the numbers of calls for police assistance from St John a day, and what are our injury rates through assaults? We understand the police are not happy when we call them for constant assistance. The AEAWA also stated WAPOL were provided cameras due to death in custody issues, evidence collecting for prosecution etc. This is a different realm compared to an ambulance service.

St John Response
St John did not have the specific numbers for WAPOL calls for assistance at this meeting. They would like to trial these devices in the country and metropolitan regions. They have had numerous discussions with the Health Services Representatives, and St John would like to limit the risk profile for crews attending potentially aggressive scenes.

The trial for vests and cameras as a unit will need to occur to ensure they are not restrictive for patient treatment. St John state there are 270 cases of violence and aggression (inclusive of verbal assaults) per year, and 25% of those are physical assaults which result in 40-50 injuries. St John did state that this may be due to more people reporting episodes of violence, than they did in the past.

St John are engaging with various hospitals as that is where many of the assaults occur. However, the data they have depicted the three areas of concern are, at the residence or scene of the patient, in the emergency departments, and in the ambulance. These locations have an equal split of a 30% occurrence of violence and aggression between them.

Data also shows that a lot of the community now through fear of being assaulted are carrying weapons to protect themselves, which in turn may be used against staff. To assist crews, St John also want to place an ambulance liaison officer into the Police communications Center (previously done in the past) to assist in the reduction of these events.

The AEAWA want their members protected, but do not want the introduction of cameras. These devices have been proven not to reduce occupational violence but have increased officer stress and disciplinary processes.

Meeting Closed

Next Meeting

Surge Workforce Meeting Minutes from June 20th, 2023

Meeting Chaired by
Joe Cuthbertson

Meeting Time

AEAWA Attendees
John Thomas, Lee Waller, and Callan McClure.

SJA Attendees
Joe Cuthbertson, Joel Moore, and Natalie Adams

The data is currently showing that there is a plateau in the winter demand. There has been a decrease over the last few weeks of respiratory calls. Those at the Department of Health believe these figures will fluctuate and may increase over the coming weeks.

If the increase in respiratory calls continue, St John want to access the current 59 paramedical science students at ECU. These students will assist the service as a surge workforce. St John want to make sure that the service is ready for this potential workload.

As these students are external to the service, St John want to keep in regular touch and will put on overtime shifts for paramedics (in the surge pool) to work with them. St John also want those working on these vehicles to attend all priority calls.

AEAWA Response
‘No way’ was the initial response. The AEAWA have no issues with the quality of the ECU students, the AEAWA just believe it’s the thin end of the wedge. If we open the flood gates for this to happen, then SJA will just belt these into metro.

The AEAWA identified that our members got a ruff deal over the RASOs. We still have employees off work due to workplace injuries. Many officers were rostered with people that were not taught properly, and a ‘rushed’ program to train people will not be tolerated. The AEAWA will not accept this type of model.

The Options
The AEAWA suggested that there are better options for this surge workforce than simply splitting metro crews. The AEAWA raised the following.

Option 1
The surge workforce could be trained to an EMR, EMA or EMT standard and they could be based in a country fringe location such as Bullsbrook, Dawesville, or Pinjarra. They could also work in numerous country locations to assist in that workload such as Capel, Waroona, or Brunswick. This is acceptable as they would be classified as volunteers. St Johns will take this away and discuss this option.

Option 2
They could be trained to work on the ramp. This would allow emergency crews to leave patients with this cohort and return to the community to attend calls. There is less clinical risk here as they are in a hospital with plenty of hospital staff around than attending to low acuity calls in the community. St Johns will take this away and discuss this option.

Option 3
We could have these individuals working on a full night transport vehicle, this will provide them patient contact and experience. By doing the low acuity calls at night, they would free up emergency crews to attend life threatening emergency calls. St Johns will take this away and discuss this option as they also appeared to like this idea.

Further Discussion
The AEAWA reiterated that these students are coming to a broken service, after the completion of their studies they may not want to apply here. Our members were promised 10 Medic crews per shift, and that never eventuated. We do not want a free workforce to prop up the service.

St John want these individuals to be mentored and have even considered them working alongside Medics. The AEAWA are hesitant at this as these crews will be sent to emergency calls. St John want this work force to be competent and engaged. Currently 90% of the calls have some type of respiratory involvement which increases the priority. There is no depth in the system to handle these calls.

The AEAWA discussed the service is too heavily managed, that is why there is no capacity in the system. We do not want our members to be punished for our limited numbers on the road. We are here due to a lack of recruitment, not because we have a flu season approaching.

Why are we not discussing under high call volume times the managers returning to 224 vehicles to assist? The discussion only seems to be about splitting the crews to work with those who have had reduced training. The AEAWA would like to further discuss other options to maintain service ability.

The AEAWA asked St John, is a manager performing admin duties more important than responding to the community? St John believe there is value in having these managers, as they are productive, and solve many things at a depot level. The AEWA believe some of these positions could be filled by admin staff, increasing the number of paramedics on the road, we would then be able to respond more appropriately.

In short, the Surge workforce can work in the country as they would be classed and trained as volunteers. The AEAWA provided two other appropriate options to assist in service demand. As for the surge workforce splitting crews and attending all priorities in the metropolitan area, we have a crew formation clause in the Paramedic/Ambulance Officers Certified Agreement. We would use this current clause and lodge a dispute, if that clause was overridden.

Meeting Closed

Next Meeting
In a months’ time after the Paramedic JCC

AEAWA Transport JCC Minutes from May 29th, 2023

Meeting Chaired By
Tont Fitzgerald.

Meeting Conducted
13:30 – 15:30.

Committee Attendees
Lee Waller, Jon Noble and Karen Gerristen.

Committee Apologies
John Thomas and Mike Hardwick

SJA Attendees
Tony Fitzgerald, Stephanie Freemantle and Kate Lawrence.

Previous Agenda Items Not Discussed

New Transport Officers
The assessment centers for 20 full-time and 6 part-time officers is about to commence. St John are hopeful that these new employees will fix many of the gaps and rostering issues that have been occurring.

Vehicle Maintenance Requests
Follow up on Fleet and Radio procedures, and how they process the vehicle issues. Fleet have a detailed system. They review the request and then check what the issue is. Dependent on what it is, a Transport Officer may check or troubleshoot the problem. This is to reduce vehicles being tagged as being ‘off road’.

The AEAWA suggest this needs to be a CEP item, as employees are not trained in some of the items they are signing off. We understand some vehicles are being tagged as un-operational, but how do we know that officers are doing what is required to fix the issue. if they have had no training in fixing the fault. There were reported issues of the internet on the AmbiCad on nights constantly going off. This effects the sign in sheets, drug registers etc. St John will look into this.

Driving Standards
New officers apparently were not taught how to reverse the Transport Vehicles during training. St John stated that all officers attend a two-day training package for driving which incorporates reversing. The guideline does state that reversing requires a ‘spotter’ to minimise accidents and vehicle damage.

The AEAWA stated that two days may not be enough for driver training. Some of our delegates have been told the training is as simple as reverse on one or two occasions, then the next student performs the task. If you have a class of 20 students over a two-day course, there is not much time for truly assessing the ability of an officer. St John stated that any concerns for vehicle safety they would like to know, so they can approach the college to see what they can do with the training package.

Feedback from the college is that the training is adequate. After today’s discussion, St John will approach those within the college to provide them with the points discussed and maybe implement those points into future training. Those points were.
– Trainers who are qualified to teach training
– Adequate reversing training
– Increased training times
– Trainers are often new employees
– Better CPAT driver training

Mentoring Feedback
Mentoring and tutoring along with the procedures around them. The AEAWA were successful in increasing the training for the wheelchair vehicle mentoring for 2-days, and tutoring across the fleet has been increased from 10 to a possible 15 shifts. Often students are swapped out from one tutor to another which sometimes has created consistency issues. However, the AEAWA believes you need a good solid week to learn properly and adequately. Often rostering overrides, the learning process, and many students are moved from location to location to simply fill the gaps on the roster.

Many officers have pulled themselves of mentoring, this is an organisational issue in all fields, Communications Officers, Paramedics and Transport Officers are leaving this position due to feeling unsupported in the role. Basically, if you say someone is not up to the mark to do the position, a complaint often follows. As St John have embraced this ‘tit for tat’ mentality, not many officers want to be a tutor.

Many tutors find they are often moved out of their location to another, or a different shift to tutor a student. This has been a major issue in the program, as currently most officers believe there are more negatives in being a mentor than positives. St John has to fix this.

Ready Now Jobs
If you do arrive and the patient is not ready, what do we do? This was actually discussed in the last JCC and the feedback from St John was to wait 20 minutes and then if the patient is not ready then you call comms and advise the facility that the call will need to be rebooked. Another question was asked, does comms change these booking times? It may be a booking for an 10:00 pick up, but you get given the job at 08:30 as it’s been changed to ‘Ready Now’.

Sometimes the staff on scene were not advised that the patient is going early, so no paper work or discharge forms have been done. St Johns stated it is an online booking process, and it can be difficult to manage such occurrences.

Wait and Return Jobs
Often employees are being advised the patient will be able to return in 15 minutes, 45 minutes later they we are still waiting. Comms get frustrated as we haven’t left the scene as they have jobs outstanding, and we get frustrated. There should be a history of these places that are never ready, it’s difficult if you have a patient to go for a procedure who can not sit. We arrive with the stretcher and we either can’t transfer them to have the procedure done, or we leave with the patient or just wait. When crews do wait, they are then not available for other calls.

Discussions also occurred over Medics not doing wait and returns. St John will review this feedback and will inform the AEAWA of the outcome shortly.

Mixed Scope of Practice
A discussion around the duty of care and officers changing scopes dependent on what role they are currently doing. Issues of officers going from ATO to Medic was extensive. Some officers have reported to St John that upskilling in patient treatments have not been happening because the attendant trained in the extra skills is driving for that shift and not attending.

ATOs Being Lost to Medics and Other Positions
A discussion took place over these individuals leaving the role, but not the organisation. This has been a problem for years, and now St Johns are realising this. More intakes may be necessary to properly service the fleet.

Vehicle Overstocking
A newsletter was sent out by St John highlighting the new vans and how they should be stocked. Many officers are still piling equipment into the new vehicles. As many depots have numerous staff moving through them, many believe that instead of performing a full van check, officers are just placing numerous items into the vehicle. This practice then makes the oncoming crew remove the stock from the vehicle. St John have been made aware of this and are currently reviewing the situation.

Meeting Agenda Items

Certification Non-Emergency Transport
The AEAWA brought up…… again, that at last year’s CEP everyone was advised they were being awarded this certification, however, there is still no answer as to when this will take place. The AEAWA have asked St John for an answer to this; apparently there was a hold up with COVID. St John still haven’t provided an answer in today’s meeting.

The person within St John later reviewing this certification is no longer with the organisation. There is another person in this role, and hopefully this certification process will now get some
traction. Current officers who have done the relevant training and courses will automatically be presented with this certificate when it becomes available.

Uniform Orders
The AEAWA advised St John that many members are not happy the current allotted uniform numbers (4 shirts, 4 pants 1 pair of boots per year). Recently these numbers have reduced due to low stock levels. It was stated that Paramedics who work a 4×4 rosters are allotted four uniforms, so why can’t Transport Officers be assigned five?

The response from St John was that this was a reasonable point. Regarding boots St John stated that if your boots are not up to standard an officer can order a new pair. In the past officers have been told to tape up their boots until they can order new ones in their next uniform allocation.

St John was advised of the cumbersome process employees go through to order uniforms. Many employees are getting 50% of their order, and the rest simple do not arrive. The process is extremely slow.

Acknowledged Times on Job Cards
Are these being adjusted by comms? This has been an ongoing problem. Members are saying in many instances the out time is being changed to the 79 time. In metro ambulance the out time is the time of acknowledgment. Proof of this has been sent to St John in an email, with images. There is still no answer that this process is still continuing. If this is the case its falsifying the arrival times to better suite response times. Transport is run on Web CAD so there is less information listed than what is on CAD, however it should still show if these times are being manually overridden. St John will review this and respond back.

Forced Overtime
Members believe as they are struggling to fill shifts, forced overtime and shift extensions are occurring regularly. Examples that when shifts finish between 14:00-18:00 there are little oncoming crews. Those who finish later are now being sent late afternoon calls that will take them way over their shift finish times.

Some crews are doing 45 minutes shift extensions on an almost daily basis. Crews are saying that a job will always be sent in the last hour even though it may take 2-hours to do it. There is often very little consideration to travel times from hospitals etc back to the depot.

iPads for Casuals
The AEAWA raised the issue that many casuals have to use their own phone to authenticate the iPad to use it, the idea was floated that the top 20 casuals (the ones doing regular shifts) should be issued an iPad to use. St John advised the AEAWA that after their discussions, they have acquired some more iPads and they will be provided to many of the casual employees performing the work. This will roll out to those officers shortly.

CPAT Staffing Pilot
St John added an agenda item for staffing the CPAT vehicle. St John are looking at staffing the CPAT permanently. These employees will be working on a shift pattern that will be discussed later. The AEAWA are very supportive of this. St John stated that this would be a day roster….of course they all are. Most likely working 07:00 till 19:00 to capture most of the calls. Further discussions will be had regarding this pilot, and feedback from the AEAWA will be provided to St John shortly.

Meeting Closed
Meeting ended at 13:30.

Next Meeting

AEAWA Committee Minutes from March 30th, 2023

Meeting Chaired By
John Thomas.

Meeting Conducted
08:30 – 09:30.

Committee Attendees
Mike Hardwick, Lee Waller, Aaaron Pittaway, Rick Candy, Andrew Kerfoot, Chris Smith, Jesse George, Jon Flockton, Phil Stanatis, Justin Ingrey, Tim Dunlop, Dave Bryant, Amanda Howell and Todd Jones

Committee Apologies
Karen Vance, Kirsty Roberts and Damian Condo.

Previous Minutes Accepted By
Mike Hardwick and Justin Ingrey.

Meeting Agenda
This is the monthly scheduled AEAWA meeting for all the Association Committees (Executive, Paramedic, Communications, Medic, and Transport). Association correspondence and issues from the membership will be discussed here.

New AEAWA members
There has been a total of 56 new members signed with the AEAWA since January 1st. The Executive have been running a recruitment campaign which has involved general emails, crew discussions and talks with the new Operational Support Officers, Communications Officers, Direct Entrants and Ambulance Transport Officers students within the college.

SOC EBA Update
The Log of Claims for the 2023-2026 Communications Officers Certified Agreement was discussed (located in the SOC EBA drop down menu on the website).

Transport EBA Update
The Log of Claims for the 2023-2026 Ambulance Transport Officers Certified Agreement was discussed (located in the Transport EBA drop down menu on the website).

Meeting with the CEO
The AEAWA President, Vice President and Secretary met with the new CEO for a meeting about the service. The AEAWA highlighted many current issues within metro, country and the communications centre, that we believe could be fixed relatively easily. The emphasis of consultation was discussed and history between the AEAWA and St John was also highlighted.

The AEAWA at this stage believe that a good relationship and avenue for change could be a potentiality here. Further updates and discussion points will be provided shortly.

Paramedics into Country Locations
There was a brief discussion on where the 31 new paramedic positions within the country are going. So far, the AEAWA are aware of the following locations.
– Busselton
– Newman
– Geraldton
– Margaret river
– Esperance
– Narrogin

Correspondence In
Members who contact the AEAWA for items to be raised at the meeting are listed here.

Secondary Triage going 24/7
Many members contacted the AEAWA asking when the STT are going 24/7. We were told this would happen, however, to date this has not been rolled out. Many members are frustrated that low priority callers occur 24/7 so when STT finish, these calls continue. This causes further ramping. Many alternative pathway providers start 3 hours before STT do, so there are lots of ‘missed opportunities’ to reduce ramping and improve community emergency response.

The AEAWA will write to St John to ascertain what the roll out plan for this will occur.

Paramedics working with EMR’s
Our members in the country have discussed with the AEAWA Executive their frustrations of working with Emergency Medical Responders at scenes (traumatic scenes etc). There have been a number of calls where Paramedics have found that the level of training EMR’s receive are of little use on ‘big jobs’.

Of late the AEAWA have been in discussions with St John over the Medic dispute (currently being negotiated through the Fair Work Commission), and we believe that Medics may be able to be used as a stop gap until further resourcing occurs in the country. Medics WILL NOT be placed in Bunbury as this is a protected location under the Certified Agreement and will be lodged as a breach if this occurs.

The AEAWA are looking at a two-year only deal to sort some of these country issues out (basically sorting a problem out in a few weeks that St Johns have sat on for years). Further information regarding the dispute and possible outcomes will be discussed shortly.

Increase in the Numbers of Officers Failing Transition
It has become blatantly obvious on how bad things are getting in the metropolitan area. Officers in their training are spending most of their careers being ramped, and there has been an increase in Ambulance Officer/Ambulance Officer crewing. This has caused issues when members reach the transition school, they have had reduced exposure and reduced experiences and are finding the process harder to get through. There has even been talk that St John want to reduce the ‘training’ time by a year, this we believe will cause even more problems during transition.

The AEAWA are still in dispute with over this, but we are getting closer to what we believe is the best option, and when the decision is made by the Commissioner it will be disseminated to the membership.

Ambulances Deep Cleaned
Due to increased workload and decreased down time the condition of our Ambulances are questionable. Many members would like to see the Ambulances deep cleaned on a regular basis. Many services have this ability, and as there is no time to check a vehicle most of the time, never mind deep cleaning one, members believe St John should be doing this so that those in the community are not put ask risk, and employees are working in a cleaner environment.

The AEAWA will write to St John and will advise the membership of the response.

Better Workplaces
Some depots such as Warwick and Riverton are in need of urgent renovation or relocation. Some of the members working in these locations have asked when will these depots be reviewed to be changed.

The AEAWA Executive discussed this with St John a while ago, and currently four locations within the metropolitan area have been reviewed, and fixes are to be in place within the next 12-months.

FIT Testing on Shift
A member contacted the AEAWA after they were told they would not get a P8 Card to do a Fit Test, they were told to do this on overtime. The reason being, there are no crews, so P8 Cards for Fit Testing will not be authorised.

The AEAWA will write to St John over this, as we believe this is forced overtime, and P8 Cards should still be authorised.

CEP Email
Many members have stated the email about failing CEP and the threat to report to AHPRA is heavy handed. No other profession (doctors, nurses) have this policy, so why are we?

The AEAWA are in discussions with St John over this email and its intent and will provide feedback shortly.

Removal of Officers from WhatsApp in the Southwest
The AEAWA have been advised of fulltime and parttime officers being moved from the WhatsApp ‘call in’ page in this region. Many of the casuals are not doing the shifts, and the officers who have been removed have no ability to come in for shifts on their days off, which leads to further under resourcing.

The AEAWA will investigate this further and will also write to St John to ascertain if this had occurred, and the reason behind why it occurred.

Recent OSH Election
There was a point brought to the committees attention of the recent Safety Representative election in the Southwest. Many officers were not given the opportunity to vote, some members found the link for the vote would not work, and other members who work in the region were not even listed on the country list to get a vote. There was also discussion on the fact that officers who have worked in the country for twoyears (but not permanent) are ineligible to vote, but a volunteer who is transitory, working in the area for two-weeks are eligible.

The election was run by Elections Australia, so the voting result is likely unable to be changed, but the process of how potential voters are selected in the future can be. The AEAWA will write to St John to discuss this and will provide further information soon.

Being Pressured to Work with Students
Members have contacted the AEAWA over being pressured to work with a student even though they are not tutors. This is a regular occurrence due to the failure to staff the ambulance service adequately.

The AEAWA are in current discussions with St John over this and it is also being raised in the upcoming Paramedic JCC.

Correspondence Out
There was no correspondence out to discuss,

General Business

Cath Lab Closure in the SW
The only Cath Lab in the Southwest is being closed for a scheduled upgrade, this closure has been advised to be 6-weeks. Members within this region have contacted the AEAWA as on average 2 patients a day are transferred to this Cath Lab, so this means those two patients will need to be transferred to Perth. This will create further pressures in responding to the community.

The AEAWA will write to senior country management and ask them what the plan is and provide solutions on how we can manage this period of closure and limit its impact.

Metro OT knockbacks
Members have advised that they have been knocked back for overtime, even though depots have been closed. One members stated the response was that once a crew has been closed on CAD it can not be reopened. In short this is technically correct, however if Riverton 21 is closed, and two officers are able to work there it can be rostered on as a Riverton 27.

The AEAWA have asked the membership previously, that if they are advised that there is no overtime available, and you find out later there are closed stations, please email [email protected] with who declined the overtime and the time of your call and we will chase this up.

The AEAWA also discussed with St John the possibility of having a WhatsApp for overtime, especially when roster knock off. As always, the response was ‘we will trial that’. The AEAWA are in further discussions with St John over this, but there does not appear to be an appetite to do anything about depot closures.

Meeting Closed
The meeting was closed at 09:30

Next Committee Meeting

AEAWA SOC JCC Minutes from March 17th, 2023

Meeting Chaired By
Wil White.

Meeting Conducted
13:30 – 1430.

Committee Attendees
Lee Waller and Kam Phagura.

Committee Apologies
John Thomas, Mike Hardwick, Kami Evans, Liz Jaggard and Nick Willis.

Staff Numbers Within the SOC and Wangara Hub
The current staffing levels sit just under establishment numbers. St John have said that there will be an upcoming Communications Officer school with nine officers and a school of ten Operational Support Officers. The Assessment Centres will commence in November 2023, this will take the numbers within the room to above establishment levels. This is a number not seen in the SOC since 2016/17.

Current Call Time Performances at the SOC and Wangara Hub
The current number is 96.4% of calls are being answered within the ten second timeframe which is an amazing achievement considering the current staffing levels and increase in wcall volume.

Staff Working out of the Wangara Hub
St John stated that currently there is a problem with supervision with employees working at the hub. Mainly as most of the managers are working out of the SOC. St John are currently working through ways to solve this issue and will provide further information soon.

Differences Working Across Shifts
Multiple members have stated their frustration over working across shifts and how things in the room are done so differently. St John want to introduce further role clarity to reduce these occurring and will discuss these ideas at further JCCs.

Moving the SOC
There has been discussions about moving the SOC to a different venue as they have outgrown the room. Talks about taking over the PinDan building on Great Eastern Hwy have been occurring, along with other locations. There is also discussions around co-locating with the Department of Health. There is also the possibility of another site to allow all three services (Police, Fire and Ambulance) to work out of the same location.

Headset and Equipment
Radio network is in its last stage in life. After multiple discussions with the AEAWA over the last two to three years the acoustic shock devices were installed to protect employees against acoustic shock incidents. These devices are now old, and St John would like to see if better/safer equipment is available. WorkSafe have stated that currently they are the best on the market. St John want to get some new devices and run a trial to see what employees want.

Technology / Systems / CAD
St John are about to commence a ProQA version upgrade to update mental health calls. It allows for more flexibility in asking questions to these types of patients.

There will not be as much prompting for answers as the previous versions had which will lead to fewer mental health patients getting frustrated on the phone.

CAD upgrades and a new mapping system is about to be released, this will be the 4th attempt to do these upgrades. Although the room has redundancies in the system (i.e., manual call-taking) are there, St John do not want to use this due to the pressures already in the room.

A date for this upgrade will be provided shortly, but we do know this is occurring on Green shift.

Progression Update
St John provided lots of emails with links to the various SOC roles (OSO, Comms Officer to the Duty Manager). This will show what pathway an employee must take to move to the next classification within the room. For example, how many shifts an Operational Support Officer has to do in their role before they apply for a Communications Officer position.

Streamlining the process still needs to occur, but St John want the AEAWA to review the documents and provide feedback. The AEAWA just want to ensure that the times within a role to apply for the next position is similar to what is happening now.

St John have reviewed their progression plan, in the sense of what happens if someone fails the transition from country to metro radio. The AEAWA will be provided further information on this in the coming weeks.

Managing Abusive Caller Policy
The AEAWA are happy with the concept, however it requires changes. The section where it states a call-taker being abused must transfer and alert the Duty Manager so that the caller can receive a warning needs amendment. What happens if the Duty Manger is out of the room, or busy on another call (code black, major incident etc). There needs to be the ability for the call-taker to move this to another manager. There is also a minor issue where the diagram (flow chart) is slightly different to the wording in the paragraphs above.

St John accepted this and stated they would look into who else could assist if the Duty Manager is unavailable and revising the flow chart to reflect.

Call Reviews
Many members within the room are not receiving awards such as the ‘Stalk Club’ due to St John stating the call must by high compliant instead of compliant. This is not a standard set by the Academy. The AEAWA believe this needs to be dropped back to compliant. A small error of not asking a question that does not affect the priority of the call should not hinder an employee of getting an award.

This is currently being reviewed in the SOC Innovation Group. Other services have numerous awards they present to their staff, where St John do very little.

The TCPR award is only presented if the patient walks out of hospital, members believe this is unfair as the call-taker could have done an amazing job and the patient did not survive so they get no recognition.

St John stated as this award is aimed at people surviving to promote CPR the award cannot be presented; however, the call can be nominated for call of the month.

Meeting Closed
The meeting closed at 14:30

AEAWA Transport JCC Minutes from February 20th, 2023

Meeting Chaired By
Alan Clyne

Meeting Conducted
09:30 – 12:30.

Committee Attendees
Lee Waller.

Committee Apologies
John Thomas, Mike Hardwick, Jon Nobel and Karen Geristen.

SJA Attendees
Alan Clyne, Tony Fitzgerald, Kate Lawrence and Stephanie Freemantle.

SJA Introduction

St John commenced the meeting stating they will have a full team back on the March the 8th regarding the roster and there will also be a significant increase in workload. SJA are  currently looking at how much workload is out here and how much of that workload they can get. SJA are currently reviewing crew numbers and have stated there is about 260 jobs a day within the metropolitan suitable for Transport.

Three is a lot of work SJA aren’t getting, and they admit they lost some of that contracted  work but are actively trying to get that work back. The difficulty is, is that Transport Crews are helping Ambulance Crews in the metro area and therefore have been quite late to many  Transport jobs. This has meant the organisation lost some of the contracts.

On Road Mangers
The on-road management improvement plan is going to the St John Executive, so more Team  Leaders on the road will be needed. This plan will see four Managers to visit customers and  engage more workload. St Johns are stating they are aiming to improve capacity. Other Hospital Service Providers (HSPs) and RFDS have already been contacted along with  many of the frequented Nursing Homes.

Other Transport Services
There are approximately 25-30 extra vehicles on the road (through various other companies).  This shows that there is not a lot of capacity to pick up much of the workload. Post 18:00  many of these businesses are not responding. So, there is certainly capacity for Transport  Crews to work into the nights.

Reintroduction for Transport into the Country.
St John stated it is financially viable to do a country run (bringing a patient from a country hospital into the metro area) and that every request from the country will be reviewed. This is  anticipated to not be on the scale as it was last year, which left numerous metro jobs not  being attended to.

Culture Survey
Focus is and always has been the results of the survey. You will see a lot more conversation  about culture in the workplace occurring and working groups will be established in moving forward. Staff from all areas of the business will be able to have input on how we as an organisation progress.

Medic/Medic Model
Longer mentoring periods are wanted by St John and there is a current dispute with the  AEAWA. This will be discussed at a later stage dependent on the result delivered by the Fair  Work Commission.

Replacement Program
Currently there is a 12-month waiting period for wheels chair vehicles. They are currently on  order but there is no date of delivery assigned.

Phone Carrying on Shifts
St John wanted to remind all officers that carrying the phones is a must, not only for being contacted, but it is also a safety issue.

Agenda Items

Baby Blanket & Baby Capsule
The new harness is being rolled out and is currently able to be reviewed on Connect. It fits the Ferno stretcher and the Stryker. So far, the tests performed by the Safety Team has been successful and it will be seen in service shortly. Members have stated they are still concerned, as ‘eye balling’ the patient will be extremely difficult as Transport Officers sit behind the patient. Further discussions to ensure this practice is safe for both our members and the patients will require further discussion.

Double Stretcher Transport Vehicles
St John stated they are moving away from the double stretcher model to the single stretcher model and will provide further information in upcoming JCC meetings regarding this change. Dispatch and Clinical Decisions Members of the Wheelchair Vehicles have stated there needs to be further questioning around attending cases that are booked on the on-line system. There are issues as no discussion occurs if the patient can stand or not. Patients are required to assist themselves into the car, and many cannot do this. This requires the single officer to perform multiple manual handling tasks.

St John responded that they would review these calls and DO NOT want officers to injure themselves. If a situation such as this occurs, the officer on scene will be supported for calling for back up to assist. Regarding dispatching to certain calls, many members believe they are almost forced to do so. Some scenes require work that is not in a PTS scope. St John have stated ‘if you believe the job is not suitable with your skill set, you don’t have to do that call’, and that ‘your management team will support this’.

Pre-shift Checks
Many members have stated that on shift commencement they are required to roll out to many calls that are outstanding or need to be on time. This leads to Transport Crews not being able to adequately check their vehicles. St John advised they will not pay overtime to check a vehicle and that if a crew needs extra time to perform a vehicle check they should advice communications. This also will be supported.

Flexibility in Start / Finish Times with Full Time Transport Officers
Members find themselves booking off an entire shift as they may have a specialist appointment booked throughout the day. Members have asked on the infrequent times this occurs, would SJA (if both officers are willing) move the start and finish times of the shift accordingly. St John have said that this will always be dependent on workload, however. If an officer has to attend the appointment, they can call the Transport Management Team and a solution may be found.

‘Ready Now’ Jobs at Hospitals
This has been a long term JCC item, and members have asked this to be dealt with. On arrival to a hospital pick up and the patient is not ready, crews do not want to have an issue with the hospital, and get into a debate with the hospital staff about how long they should stay there. The AEAWA advised back in the day there was an agreement to wait 15-minutes and if the patient was not ready within that time frame a call to comms was required. If there is low workload then the crew may be advised to stay, if not the crew may be asked to leave and do another call. Crews are advised to contact comms post 15-minutes and they will make the decision. St John stated they will put this as an item in the upcoming Transport Newsletter.

Condition of PTV/CPAT Vehicles
The working group have advised of a delay. Currently the process of the stretcher moving in and out of the vehicle has a few issues. When a solution has been found further information will be delivered to the fleet.

Stryker Training
All officers have been Stryker trained as this was covered in the last CEP. Unfortunately many members did the training months previously and may have forgotten some of the key points. The AEAWA have asked if an officer is placed in a Stryker vehicle and find themselves requiring more training this should be facilitated. St John are in agreeance and have stated if an officer finds themselves in this situation a familiarisation with the Stryker can be arranged that shift.

Transport Roles
There has been lots of discussion around the future of Transport. The rumor mill is in full swing and some believe that this area of the organisation doesn’t have much time left. The AEAWA wanted St John to weigh in on this statement. St John believes heavily that there is viability within the role. This is a smart business model and there is no plan to get rid of Transport now or in the future.

Allocated Times for Lunch Break
Members have stated that they often find themselves having a lunch break 2-hours into their shift. The AEAWA asked if this is the case officers should be allowed to have lunch as close to lunch time as possible. Many people do not eat lunch at 9am. St John advised that this is often done to ensure all crews can fit within the window of a lunch break, however they would review this and align the times better if they can. St John also stated that if a crew feels they are constantly having lunch at this time they can call comms and request a later break, dependent on workload this may be able to be facilitated.

Next JCC Meeting

Meeting Closed
The meeting closed at 12:30

AEAWA Committee Minutes from January 30th, 2023

Meeting Chaired By
John Thomas.

Meeting Conducted
09:30 – 10:50.

Committee Attendees
John Thomas, Mike Hardwick, Lee Waller, Conrad Fairhead, Callan McClure, Bronwyn  Herne, Chris Smith, Justin Ingrey, Aaaron Pittaway, Bronwyn Herne. Paul Davies, Phil Stanatis, Fernando Colella, Todd Jones and Dave Bryant.

Committee Apologies
Karen Vance, Kirsty Roberts, Jesse George and Damian Condo.

Previous Minutes Accepted By
Mike Hardwick and Justin Ingrey.

Meeting Agenda
This is the monthly scheduled AEAWA meeting for all the Association Committees (Executive, Paramedic, Communications, Medic, and Transport). Association correspondence and issues from the membership will be discussed here.

New Committee Member
The AEAWA would like to welcome Bronwyn Herne to the Committee. Bronwyn has been around a while and will be representing the Community Paramedics across the State contact (and will on be on the website).

Correspondence In
Issues raised by members with delegates or emailed directly to the AEAWA are recorded here.

The Proposed ‘31’ Paramedics Scheduled for the Country Regions
The question was asked are the increased staffing levels assigned to Geraldton and Kalgoorlie being deducted from the ‘31’ assigned to country? In short, yes. However, we are trying to ascertain from SJA the classification of the officers that will fill the positions. We believe that SJA will try to fill these spots with Ambulance Officers and Paramedic Interns, or even Medics.

There is also been some discussion that the number is actually ‘30’ and not the ’31’ positions previously reported. The AEAWA are also seeking clarification on this. The AEAWA’s position is that these positions need to be offered to Paramedics first. The AEAWA have also been in discussions with senior SJA management regarding the service of delivery across the State and have already submitted a proposed plan around the roll out of country positions.

Further details will be provided shortly. The newly proposed positions will most likely see upwards of 50% of those officers going to  Geraldton and Kalgoorlie. However, with the volunteer model declining dramatically coupled  with increased workloads we now see locations like Albany coming under increased scrutiny.  The Southwest is also another issue for community response, and the AEAWA are also in  discussions with SJA ion how to increase numbers within this location.

The Parliamentary Inquiry
As you would all know, SJA have five years to fix this shambles, and although a year has past (with not much being done) they still have four years to change the service. We may see another year or two of this procrastination. The Committee are using this time to propose, table and discuss multiple options to better the service, and create more positions for on-road officers.

Paramedics/Communications Officers and Transport Officers in the Same Agreement
The question was asked, would all ambulance classifications benefit from being in the same Certified Agreement. There are pros and cons to this, and many States and Territories do things differently. Ambulance Victoria have an ‘all in’ Agreement, that sections off numerous roles into specific sections, with specific roles being separated (SOC, Transport, Paramedics etc) and same for same areas (such as sick leave and annual leave) being recorded in the same area, as all officers align with this section.

This does and benefits with negotiations (as we are together in negotiations), but can also be frustrating for officers, that is Transport and Communications Officers may have to wait for agreed items in their EBA which may have been signed off, due to a dispute held in a Paramedic section. For now, the consensus is to stay with the three Agreements.

Transport Officers Scheduled to Work in Bunbury Depot
This is occurring more often, and places pressures to respond to emergency calls for our members in the SOC and those within the Southwest. Members within the region would like to know what they should do if they attend the station and are provided another role to work with for the shift. The AEAWA are in current discussions regarding this and will supply those officers affected with a process to follow soon.

Current Disputes
It appears as there are so many miscommunications and blatant disregard of our Certified Agreements, a new disputes section is now required within our minutes.

The Medic Trial Dispute
The AEAWA met with senior SJA management over the proposed Medic Trial. Your committee stated to SJA that WE DO NOT AGREE to a trial, WE DO NOT AGREE to a mentoring time period over and above to what has been agreed to. WE DO NOT AGREE to yet another paramedic being seconded off road and into a position to further decrease responding resources.

As SJA have fell asleep at the wheel regarding recruitment, they are now clutching at straws to split our crew formation (another breech of the Agreement) by introducing a stealth permanent Medic/Paramedic role into the service. The Senior SJA Executive Team have been advised that any deviation from the above (already negotiated items) will be viewed by the AEAWA as a breach of both the Ambulance Officers/Paramedics Agreement and the Ambulance Transport Officers Agreement.

The AEAWA Treasurer Report
The AEAWA report from the Treasurer was tabled. The financials of the Association were discussed and all recent debit and credits were provided to the Executive. The Executive Committee both reviewed and accepted the report and any financial member of the Association can request a copy through [email protected].

AEAWA Business

New members
The AEAWA have welcomes a total of 36 members who joined last month.

AEAWA Uniform and Merchandise
Mike Hardwick and Callan McClure are currently an AEAWA formal uniform for committee members to wear during representations and official AEAWA business. A company has been sourced and the designs of the official shirts have been put together. Samples will be provided shortly for the committee to review.

AEAWA Union Update
There is a meeting to be held Tuesday 31st January, 2023 around the AEAWA’s Rules and Constitution. This is a normal process that requires numerous discussions between the Executive Committee, FairWork and the AEAWA’ Lawyers. The results of these will be discussed with the membership as soon as we get them.

AEAWA New Website Format
The new website is to accommodate the various documents and member access we require under the new draft rules of the AEAWA. It will also house a report button so that members can streamline incidents back to the Association for us to work through.

JCC Meetings
The date and time for the next Paramedic, Transport and Communications Joint Consultative Meetings have not been set as yet. The AEAWA will require delegates from each role to attend these meetings, along with members of the Executive.

CPHC Student Talks
Two college talks have been scheduled for March, and delegates will be required to come along to Belmont to give the AEAWA talk to our new colleagues. Those details are.
1. The casual ATO employee talk is scheduled for Thursday 2nd March 2023 (15:15- 16:00) in Training Room 8. There will be approximately 6 students.
2. The SAOs will have theirs Monday 27th March 2023 (11:45-12:30) in Training Room 4 and 5. There will be approximately 35 students.

CPAT Working Group
The AEAWA’s representative for the new CPAT Working Group is Callan McClure. Callan will represent the AEAWA and the membership regarding the vehicle. Any suggestions or questions regarding the CPAT should be directed to [email protected].

Membership Details
The below message has been sent to all members with incomplete details in our database. The AEAWA are writing to members who have incomplete information held within our database. For the AEAWA to comply with the Associations Regulations we require your postal address and mobile phone number for future ballots and dispersal of AEAWA information to the membership. Recent amendments have made a compulsory change in which all members details need to be held by any Association that support employees within the workplace. If possible, could you please email [email protected] or [email protected] with the required information listed above.

The AEAWA appreciate you doing this as it assists us greatly in complying with any current and future regulations, which often change through the various Acts we as an Association are governed by. If you have received this email message or text message, please email your details back to the AEAWA.

Geraldton Plan Distribution
The AEAWA will distribute this current plan to the Committee shortly for their input before it is discussed with SJA management. This plan is not for circulation and will be emailed out soon for the AEAWA to comment on.

Correspondence Out
There was no correspondence out to discuss.

General Business

Night Shift ICBs and the Proposed WhatsApp Implementation
As usual there is a division between what members are saying compared to the response from SJA. There has been lots of discussions regarding crews who book off are not being replaced. We are being told that the organisation are contacting officers to perform OT but are getting less responses that what’s required to fill the shift.

Depots are being closed with many members contacting rosters and being declined the shift. Many officers are advising us that they are not even being contacted for OT and have been available to do the shift. Because of this difference of fact from both camps, the AEAWA proposed a Whats App so the process of OT can be tracked, and it is more transparent. This will identify the issue of depot closures versus officers willing to do OT.

The Requested Heat Map from SJA
Some weeks back the AEAWA requested a heat map from SJA to show the call distribution across the metropolitan area. This was to identify areas of concern across the metropolitan area, and assist in the further crew placements in the near future. To date that information has not been provided by SJA. The AEAWA will follow this up as a matter or urgency so that further discussions can occur.

SJA and Speeding Fines
There have been a few instances of late were crews have greatly exceeded the speed limit when responding to ‘proper’ emergency calls, i.e. infant cardiac arrests etc. WAPOL have contacted these crews asking them to justify their reasonings for excessive speed. In most cases the significance of the events they are traveling too have been taken into account and those cases have been dropped by WAPOL who have cited a sound and reasonable response for the speed infringement.

Then the other Police Department (SJA) are running their own investigations stating that it is against the policy. The AEAWA are in the strong belief that if WAPOL have investigated the infringement and have determined the driver has not broken the law and no further investigation is necessary, then SJA should not be looking to punish the officer who was driving.

The AEAWA will write to SJA for further information regarding this and will provide the membership with a response shortly. This will also be raised as an item in the upcoming Paramedic JCC.

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 10:50

Next Committee Meeting Wednesday February 15th (tentative) at 09:30 via Microsoft Teams

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