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Paramedics: Permanent Positions Update

By 1 June 2021No Comments

Paramedics: Permanent Positions Update

On 28th May, the AEAWA wrote to SJA to advise that we were formally entering the dispute resolution process regarding a failure to comply with Clause 26.6 of the Paramedic and Ambulance Officer Enterprise Agreement 2018 which deals with ‘Introduction of 27 and 47 vehicles’.

Despite this issue being raised at multiple JCC meetings, it is our opinion that SJA has not complied with the intent and good faith meaning of this clause, specifically where Clause 26.6(a) states “St John is committed to the permanent placement of ambulance resources” and Clause 26.6(b) “As soon as it is evident that a 27 or 47 vehicle is required permanently in a specific location, St John will permanently place the vehicle at that specific location.”

We have recently been informed that, as a direct result our grievance, SJA will now begin the process of converting specific 27/47 positions which have been rostered consistently, into permanent allocated positions, which will then be filled in accordance with clause 26.9 ‘Filling an allocated position”.

Kind regards

AEAWA Executive