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(Yet) More training/LMS expectations

By 17 March 2022March 27th, 2022No Comments

Today many of you will have received a communication outlining the roll out of ‘major changes’ in relation to CPGs, and the expectation that you will complete an LMS course.

This is further evidence of an organisation which has again failed to provide adequate, sorry…failed to provide ANY paid time for the increasingly frequent ad hoc delivery of training material and LMS courses.

The AEAWA believe there is literally NO available time with current workload pressures to complete this material, and that undertaking training on an iPad, in an ambulance is unsatisfactory as it is not a suitable environment for learning, with interruptions, noise and poor ergonomics. Plus you will end up with a ‘supportive’ call from MMSOC helping you to 82.

Clearly the organisation hope that the majority of staff will complete this training in their own time, and reduce their responsibility to APPROPRIATELY train staff in important clinical matters.

We suggest that our members request a P8 card for the completion of this material and associated LMS course, BACK AT THEIR DEPOT.

We have 4 days every 48 months of Paramedic CEP which is designed for this exact purpose of CPGs and Skill roll out. While this may take some coordination between Clinical Governance and CPHC, we would imagine that this would be a far more efficient method of rolling out major CPG changes, not to mention that this would be training in an environment which is designed specifically for learning, and which is ergonomically suitable. Feedback from members was that this years CEP was particularly light on clinical content. Perhaps if this material was incorporated into our allocated annual training time, this course would have been more engaging and our operational members would undoubtedly have been better trained.

As usual we will be following up with SJA but this latest roll out seems to sum up the current attitude to the delivery of training.