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The Channel 9 Statement – “there will be no ramping this weekend”.

By 21 May 2022May 22nd, 2022No Comments

The Channel 9 Statement – “there will be no ramping this weekend”.

It has been brought to our attention that Channel 9 are reporting that a meeting occurred between the St John Executive and Senior Health Department officials late yesterday afternoon. Apparently, what is being stated is that there will be ‘No Ramping’ this weekend if we hit ‘crisis point’ (which has not been quantified). To date there has been no official directive from SJA regarding this statement. If there ever is one, please remember the following.

Whilst we also believe that once we enter a hospital it needs to be the hospital staff that take care of the patient, not us, which has been the subject of discussions for many years between HDWA, SJA and the Association. To put it bluntly YOUR REGISTRATION MAY BE AT RISK in any complaint raised that alleges detriment to a patient once left without being triaged or placed in the waiting room without instruction from hospital triage staff. This may also raise an incident with AHPRA who will possibly not support any unauthorised action not directed by the employer.

Until a written directive is issued from SJA Executive, it will be BUSINESS AS USUAL.

Any concerns, as always contact the AEAWA on [email protected] or speak to an AEAWA Delegate.