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Booking off work.

It has come to our attention that St John have instructed SOC and Rosters to “capture” why officers are booking off and are asking above the standard “sick” or “personal” leave, what is the reason you are off. Many officers have contacted the AEA, and the advice given is the current requirements as follows.

  • You must give at least 2 hours for a day shift and 4 hours for a night shift where possible.
  • You will be asked if it is personal or sick leave.
  • You may need to submit a medical certificate or a Statutory Declaration.
  • Either is acceptable evidence
  • You do not need to provide anything further.

Section 33.3(h)
St John may require an Employee, and the Employee must provide, satisfactory documentary evidence in relation to a period of personal/carer’s leave. The Employee must provide to St John a medical certificate from a registered health practitioner. If it is not reasonably practicable to provide a medical certificate, the Employee may provide a statutory declaration, which sets out the reasons for the Employees absence from work and the estimated duration of the Employees incapacity.

Section 33.3(i)
An Employee is required to provide evidence/certification for any personal leave exceeding 2 continuous days or where they have taken in excess of 4 calendar days in any calendar year.