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WAPOL Refusal to Attend Calls

By 2 December 2023No Comments

As you will be aware a recent WAPOL directive has been sent out to the fleet stating they will not be attending many of our historic calls for assistance. Over half of the warnings, we had on our system have now been deleted.

So, we now have instances where patients on scene have been threatening to kill others and the Police are refusing to attend.

This is beyond dangerous for all frontline crews.

If you arrive at a scene, and you perceive a threat, CALL FOR POLICE. That’s your job done!

Its is not OUR JOB to enter scenes such as these, its theirs. If they don’t want to attend, then we do not go in. IT IS THAT SIMPLE!

Officers who feel pressured to enter a scene that they perceive is dangerous should NOT GO INTO IT.

The AEAWA will support its members 100%


Everyone deserves to go home after shift, uninjured.