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A positive outcome from the AEAWA uniform survey

By 17 May 2024June 20th, 2024No Comments


You will have received an email from Chief Emergency Officer Brendon Brodie-Hall today outlining several improvements to the new Operational Uniform. These changes closely reflect the AEAWA survey results, which formed the basis of the AEAWA’s recent letter to St John. Over 700 of our members participated in the survey, and we have been informed that these changes were primarily due to the overwhelming response to the survey.

Your voice has helped formulate positive changes to the operational uniform. Thank you.

The AEAWA have been made aware that the following will occur:
Backplate to remain with heat seal printing
Role Title and Name to remain on shirt pockets (epaulettes removed from shirts)
Removal of the St John logo from the rear of shirts
Polo shirt option to stay, with epaulettes
Magnum boots to remain

This is a great outcome, made possible through our collective action. Well done to everyone who participated.

The bad news is that we seem stuck with the WorkWear group! The contract is no doubt signed. While we are glad that St John has agreed to make the above changes, we should not have needed to run a survey.

Our AEAWA reps serving on the Uniform Committee and the other operational committee members who took part had advocated for the above changes for over 18 months. Sadly, their efforts on the committee were ignored, and their concerns were overridden. The AEAWA wish to acknowledge their hard work and tireless efforts to create a new uniform on our behalf. It has not gone unnoticed.

In regards to the proposed ‘Scene ID’ categories, please ensure you provide any feedback here: