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Transport Officers

The AEAWA Executive Committee


John Thomas
0411 129 797

Vice President

Donelle Carver
0422 992 193


Marty Kelly
0421 900 110


Lee Waller
0417 995 135


Dave Higgins
0401 401 400

The AEAWA Transport Committee

Peta Davies
9470 3014​

Jon Nobel
9373 3843

Ambulance Transport Joint Consultative Committee

Here you will find information related to the proposed Ambulance Transport JCC meetings.

Ambulance Transport Officers Joint Consultative Committee Meeting Minutes

Please review the JCC minutes to keep up to date with what is occurring within the workplace.

Transport JCC Minutes

Ambulance Transport Officers Information

Here you will find information specific to Ambulance Transport Officers; including your Certified Agreement and any AEAWA Statements relating to Ambulance Transport.

2017-2020 Transport Agreement

Ambulance Transport Officer Surveys

Here you will find information specific to Ambulance Transport Officer surveys and the results from each of the surveys you have assisted in. Your participation in these surveys is vital for relaying information back to the SJA Executive to improve our working conditions.

No Survey Available

Ambulance Transport news from around Australia

News articles and media reports relating to your employment will be situated here. If you find articles you think should go up here please email the link to the committee ([email protected]).


Transport EBA Update

TRANPORT EBA UPDATE: Dear Transport Officers, On Friday 28th May the AEAWA was contacted by Employee Relations who requested a meeting in regards to the Transport Officer EBA. Our members need no reminding that Transport negotiations have been stalled since December 2020. The email outlined that due to recent leadership…
Lee Waller
2 June 2021
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Member Update

Dear members, Recently you would have received an email from Emma Newman with some information which, as we have outlined before, we remain in dispute. 1) Despite SJA’s continued assertions, AHPRA mentoring requirements are NOT equivalent to the formal SJA ‘mentoring’ role, which is actually known under the Certified Agreement…
Lee Waller
9 May 2021
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Yammer Interactions

Dear members, We have had a number of emails from our members who have expressed concerns about the increasingly condescending and patronising nature of some Yammer commentary from the St John leadership team. This deterioration in tone may reflect the increasingly desperate nature of our managers to ‘flog a dead…
Lee Waller
6 April 2021

Transport EBA Update

To all members We are just updating you on the progress of the Transport Officers Certified Agreement; basically, advising that St John Management have rejected the AEA offer and stalled negotiations. We have not been advised of a further meeting or counteroffer because we believe that Management are attempting to…
Lee Waller
23 March 2021
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Ramping/Multiple-Patient Care

Dear members You may be aware that St John have issued a revised SOP Patient Flow and Ramping guideline document. Despite serious objections from the AEAWA, there has yet again been no response to our attempts to engage in meaningful consultation on these revisions, and St John continue to implement…
Lee Waller
19 March 2021

If you would like to see positive changes for Ambulance Transport Officers then be a part of the AEAWA Committee.

Contact us and become an AEA Committee Member.