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How many Special Leave spots are available?

The number of allotted special leave positions is based on 7% of established vehicles as per clause 33.15 except for gazetted public holidays (Allocated Positions).

This being:
50 x 2/2/4 Day Vehicles (0700/0800-1800/1900)
50 x 2/2/4 Night Vehicles (1800/1900-0700/0800)
34 x 4/4 Day Ambulance Vehicles (0600-2400)

This equates to:
7 special leave positions 2/2/4 day
7 special leave positions 2/2/4 night
4.76 (5) special leave positions 4/4 day [to be a combination of 2-3 positions early and 2-3 positions late (totalling 5)]

Transparency is the challenge here, and the AEAWA will be pushing for ‘real time’ availability of vacancies to be published on the intranet.

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