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Rosters FAQs

Rosters Frequently Asked Questions.

Before you contact the AEAWA please see if the below FAQ’s can assist you.


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Time out of Depot (or your allocated position)

The AEAWA have been contacted by members who have been under the incorrect belief that to keep an allocated position, they simply need to work a roster every 2 years. This is incorrect.
Under clause 30.9(b) ‘Filling an Allocated Position” the wording stipulates:
“An Employee’s Allocated Position will be considered vacant, and will commence to fill the position within a 3-month period, when the Employee accumulates time away from their Allocated Position in excess of 104 weeks in any 156-week period excluding the following:
(a)  Critical Care Paramedics;
(b)  an authorised period of paid leave and/or unpaid leave, including unpaid personal/carer’s leave, unpaid parental leave, and unpaid domestic violence leave;
(c)  Country relief; and
(d)  time away from the allocated position in accordance with clause 30.10(a) and clause 30.10(b)(ii).
30.10(a) relates to you being rostered out of your depot for up to 16 weeks, at the request of the rosters department. This 16 weeks is not included in any calculation for ‘time out of depot’, unless it has been requested by the employee.
What this means is that should rosters examine any three-year period (156 weeks) and find that the employee has been out of that allocated depot (i.e. on secondment or performing other roles such as HLM, AM, ORM etc) for more than 2 years (104 weeks) then the allocated position is forfeited and will be filled in accordance with clause 30.09. Simply working a 8-week roster at the allocated position periodically, or once every 2 years before recommencing other duties is not sufficient to keep the permanent position.

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