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Mandatory vaccinations

By 8 May 2020April 9th, 2021No Comments

St John have provided an initial response in relation to several enquires made by the AEAWA in regards to the mandatory influenza vaccination policy. As with any new policy or procedure which the organisation propose to introduce, the AEAWA has sought to ensure that the wording and consequences contained within are as fair and equitable as possible, and do not incur unnecessary burden and inconvenience to members. While we are supportive of measures which safeguard the health and safety of our members and that of our patients, we are also mindful that the introduction of mandatory policies in regards to vaccinations can raise civil liberty and/or health concerns for some of our members. St John advise that any staff member who wish to obtain exemption from the influenza vaccination needs to complete the attached ‘Application for Exemption from Influenza Vaccination Form’ and supply the required evidence by the 10th May. Each application will be assessed by St John on a case by case basis.

If you have concerns not addressed in the form, please contact a delegate. In regards to other queries raised by the AEAWA, St John have supplied the following responses: St John plan to retain the mandatory influenza policy after the ‘state of emergency’, upon which the mandatory policy is founded, has been revoked. St. John expect staff to use their own personal/sick leave should they experience a fever following administration of the influenza vaccination.

Given the WA Health Department directive in regards to the influenza vaccination, the AEAWA encourage members to obtain a vaccination if they do not hold a valid exemption. If you require assistance during the exemption process, please contact a delegate.