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Transport Officers Certified Agreement update

By 7 May 2020April 9th, 2021No Comments

Dear Colleagues The AEA recommenced Certified Agreement negotiations Thursday the 4th June and the following points were raised with the remainder of the claim but most discussion was centred around the following issues:

Main points. ·

Pay quantum. The offer of 0% Year 1, 0% year 2 and 1.5% year 3 has not changed as Management advised they would negotiate that position depending on the cost of changes associated with the claim in its entirety. ·

Annual leave – during the last agreement it was agreed that leave could be taken in various portions with 1 day entitlements also. This has never been delivered and certain times of the year have been ‘blacked out’ to accommodate CEP. There has been much discussion regarding the one day and non-approval of leave blocks. The AEA will be dissecting the leave entitlements to reflect the blocks, ability to exchange and the single day leave.

Trial 4×3 roster which was never commenced was discussed and the AEA will be negotiating to implement a trial roster across this pattern for those interested officers.

Permanent locations v allocated positions – discussion regarding some locations deemed non-permanent as these are ‘temporary’ locations and as such do not reflect allocated positions or attract travel. The AEA will be ensuring a fair and equitable application of existing vehicles are filled as permanent positions and travel paid appropriately.

The expansion of the shifts to cover the 24 hour period, but Management were unable to supply data around their proposal as they were still unsure as to the rosters they will be requesting. All other claims were raised with Management stating they will respond as meetings progress. Meetings will be held every Thursday fortnightly.

We will continue to post updates on Facebook as negotiations progress, and further information can also be found on Connect: Your Bargaining team