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Managers comments on Yammer and Microsoft Teams

By 25 October 2020April 9th, 2021No Comments

Recently you may have seen comments on Yammer / Teams from SJA senior management stating that there has been ‘significant absences’ over the roster change weekend and that the organisation intends to perform ‘absence reviews’ where ‘monitoring people’s absences’ will occur over ‘roster change’ and of people ‘going into and out of leave’.

Management have indicated that Area Managers will be having conversations with officers and asking reasons as to why they were not at work. It is also being claimed that absenteeism in the SW region is down because of SW pilot, which we find difficult to believe.

Members should be aware that the Personal Leave entitlements and evidentiary requirements for taking Personal or Carers Leave are clearly outlined in the Certified Agreement and the Fair Work Act 2009.

For reference, the relevant terms of the EBA are outlined below:

Officers have an entitlement of 120 hours per calendar year for full time officers and pro rata for officers working less hours. You are required to give notice of your absence where appropriate which is two (2) hours on a day/early shift and four (4) hours on a late/night shift. 29.3(b) Employees will not be required to provide any evidence/certification for paid sick leave for up to 2 calendar days in any calendar year. 29.2(g) Any further absences must be accompanied by a Medical Certificate or Statutory declaration. St John may require the employee to undergo a health assessment as per clause 24(a)(iii) to determine whether an employee is able to perform the inherent requirements of the employee’s job. If a member is approached by an Area Manager in relation to an absence, they are NOT required to divulge any details as to the reason they were not at work, other than that they were ‘unfit for work’.

If members are approached and are uncomfortable talking to an Area Manager, please DO NOT continue the conversation and contact a delegate as soon as practicable. Personal / Carers leave is an entitlement under the NES (National Employment Scheme) to access when appropriate. Kind regards AEAWA Executive