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SJA revise offer for Transport EBA

By 23 October 2020April 9th, 2021No Comments

Last week we met with St John Management to negotiate the ongoing Certified Agreement and receive a revised offer.

AEAWA’s initial claim was 2% per annum across wages and allowances. SJA initially responded with 0% 0% and 1% in the third year of the agreement with 0% increase in allowances. The last meeting saw little progress in conditions however SJA have increased the offer to 1.25% 1.25% 1.25% for wages and allowances excepting current travel allowance which would remain stagnant due to the comparison against the ATO rates. We believe this to be the sweetener to endorse the proposed introduction of the ‘Transport Paramedic’ classification.

Whilst we acknowledge that the transport arena is becoming competitive, St John have, through various business decisions exposed their operation to outsiders and now want transport officers to make changes to accommodate these. Part of the discussion in regard to implementation was the removal of the MHTO pay scale (which we assume will be the T/P rate) and the ‘grandfathering’ of current officers at the level 5 pay scale and limiting new employees to Level 3 rate.

The AEA has rejected these options and do not support the Transport Paramedic role in its current form, especially now with the introduction of Schedule 8 and 4 medications.

St John are currently asking members to participate in this ‘trial’ however consider the ramifications before applying or speak with a delegate or email your inquiry to [email protected] AEAWA Negotiating Team