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AEAWA paramedic membership survey for the upcoming EBA negotiations

By 30 November 2020April 9th, 2021No Comments

Dear Paramedic / AO Members,

The time has come to have your say in what YOU think should be the priorities at the next Certified Agreement negotiations. Whether it be protecting existing conditions or whether you have suggestions for improvements or changes to the current agreement, we want to hear your thoughts. For some time now the AEAWA Executive have been busy planning and discussing issues with our members and now is the time to formalise what we believe are the important issues moving forward.

Some of the issues highlighted include:

– Pay increase %

– Paid meal break

– Paid pre-start for vehicle checks

– Annual leave flexibility

– Special leave ceiling increase

These are just a few of the issues which have been raised with the Committee and now we want to hear from you, what issues you feel are important. Obviously not every issue can be raised as they must be ‘allowable matters’ (issues directly contained in relation to your working conditions). Regardless, if you have an idea or feel strongly about an issue, then please submit anonymously using the text box in the Survey Monkey link below and we will work through the issues raised. Finally, Survey Monkey will only work once for each computers IP address, so please consider filling in the text box on your personal device (as opposed to the depot PC). To send your ideas in relation to the Certified Agreement click on the following​

Kind regards AEAWA Executive