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Paramedic EBA update / AEAWA claim

By 2 March 2021April 9th, 2021No Comments

Dear members,

Please find attached our official EBA claim for Ambulance Officers & Paramedics.

The claim is compiled of submissions received from our wider membership, as well as submissions on behalf of the committee to address shortfalls that have been identified in the course of representing our members.​

While their were many worthy submissions received, the final claim is required to be a balance of priority issues and achievable targets. Some submissions were also not ‘permissible matters’ (ideas which cannot be included in a certified agreement). Our claim seeks to introduce a number of reasonable and sensible amendments and revisions to our agreement, while also strengthening protections for our members.

Please note that while the claims are listed in summary form, draft clauses exist for most of our claim components and they will be discussed in due course.

As mentioned in previous communications, this EBA promises to be one of the most challenging in recent years, with many of our long held conditions under threat. It requires a strong, organised and unified group to resist damaging changes. Please have a conversation and encourage all your colleagues to be represented by an employment bargaining group. We’d naturally prefer people to sign with us, but if not, please encourage them to be represented by someone. It is worth reminding colleagues who are not affiliated that all of the conditions we enjoy were hard fought and won by bargaining groups, not individuals.

Kind regards

AEAWA Executive​