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By 6 November 2021No Comments

The AEAWA are continuing to support their members in our pursuit of filling vacant allocated positions current and projected.

As we have previously mentioned an Allocated Position is a condition we will always fight for and is at the very foundation of our Enterprise Agreement entitlements. “STABILITY and CERTAINTY” are the conditions we will die in the ditch for.

We do recognise that there is a process to follow and that this can at times seem to move at a glacial pace. The AEAWA would like to support our Rosters officers in progressing filling of Vacant Allocated Positions by advising our members to be proactive in replying to their emails and pre-empting any contact giving thought and due diligence to your decision to accept or decline any offer that may come your way. Similarly, if you have an allocated position in Joondalup and not intention to ever take a position in Mandurah, please consider pre-emptively removing you name from that list.

The process currently is that when contacted by the staff deployment officer you will be given 8 days to respond (unless you are on leave), we would like to request our members please not wait the 4/8 weeks and then 4 days to reply and keep a colleague from accessing an allocated position if you have no intention to accept this position, fortunately this is a rare occurrence and the real issue at present is the delay in advancing through the list as it seems to take more than a week or two for the next person to be contacted.

The AEAWA would like to acknowledge Staff Deployment in this very challenging time and recognise their overwhelming workload yet still amicable communication.

The AEAWA also appreciate the considerable number of Vacant Allocated Positions that have taken time to fill and the resource pressures from Rosters staff, many of whom are not full time; we have even thought of requesting a Secondment into this department which would seem an acceptable request considering secondments are seemingly everywhere else.

If any officer feels there has been undue delay in the progression of lists to fill positions or that potentially a position should be up for review we would advise to respectfully email the appropriate Area Manager and cc in [email protected] and [email protected] to inquire about this position. Currently with part time officers, secondments, leave without pay, industrial and other managerial appointments allocated positions are sometimes being overlooked when the permanent officers have been away from their position for 104 weeks out of a 156 week period as per the EA.

The process to identify potentially available allocated positions is not a timely one and by simply auditing the position a decision can be determined.

Kind regards